The Death of Bernie Mac

Bernie Mac, Oct. 5, 1957 - Aug 9, 2008
Bernie Mac, Oct. 5, 1957 - Aug 9, 2008

The entertainment community as well as millions of Americans mourn the loss of comedian and actor Bernie Mac.  Mac passed away Saturday morning of complications due to pneumonia. 

Bernie Mac rose to fame to mainstream America when he toured with Steve Harvey, D.L. Hughley, and Cedric the Entertainer as the Original Kings of Comedy.  Further accolades came when he appearred in Ocean’s Eleven movie series with George Clooney and Brad Pitt among others, and when he starred his own television series, “The Bernie Mac Show.”

Many of the Black American community knew of Mac’s work before then from smaller movie roles in Above the Rim, House Party 3, Friday, Booty Call, How to Be a Player, and Life.  But before his movie career, he already had established success as a stand-up comedian in Chicago, and finally got national recognition from HBO’s Def Comedy Jam. 

Bernie Mac will be missed.  I’m not one to get cliche-ish, but no one will be able to replicate his type of comedy.  He did it in a way, manner and tone that was clearly recognizable as Bernie Mac, not afraid to bring black stereotypes in the forefront of mainstream comedy. 

Not for nothin’, but I can’t wait for the release of his next live feature length film.  He’s pair with Samuel L. Jackson in Soul Men.  That will be a sight to see, and likely a proper legacy.

For the full story of the death of Bernie Mac, click here.

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