The Passing of Another Great One

Aug 20, 1942 - Aug 10, 2008
Aug 20, 1942 - Aug 10, 2008

Well in my first attempt in writing a news and information web log, I wrote about the most current news and informative piece I could find, the untimely death of comedian Bernie Mac.  With my first post being on the death of Bernie Mac, a highly visible and successful entertainer, whose death comes as a shock to the public, how could I ignore the death of another, probably more famous, visible and successful individual than Bernie Mac.  In which case, I do not write this because I may feel I have to, but because I want to.  And I promise you, this is not a death tribute web log.

Similar to the shock and sudden death of comedian Bernie Mac, singer and actor Isaac Hayes has passed away this afternoon.  I could go on and on saying how much of an impact Isaac Hayes has had.  He probably didn’t mean that much to some, but to others he meant much more.  Me personally, I could go in either category.
As being someone in their mid to late twenties, I cannot attest to the musical prowess of Isaac Hayes.  I can only go by what I hear; apparently he was a force to be reckoned with on the soul/R&B/disco musical scene.  Through popularity or word of mouth, in some way we’ve all heard of the movie Shaft.  Well Isaac Hayes will always be connected to the film, probably as much if not more than Richard Roundtree, the man who portraited the title character.  That is what I know of, or from what I can remember in my PG-13 years.  The name Isaac Hayes became more prominent to me upon recognizing him, his bald head, beard, sunglasses, voice, and knowing him as the public figure he is.  Then came I’m Gonna Git You, Sucka where Hayes played Hammer, part of the crime-fighting group that consisted of Hammer, Slammer, Slade, Kung-Fu Joe, Flyguy, and Jack Spade.  For me, that’s when Isaac Hayes became much of who he was.  He would later add more to his star power and being an icon in Black American culture, by other movies, music, and social impact, including why he’s most recently famous for as the character Chef in the cartoon South Park
I can end this post with much similarity as I ended the previous one.  You will not see too many more people able to sing in the same tone or manner in the genre he sang.  Nor will anyone be able to take his place or replicate what he meant.  His shillouette could be just as recognizable as Hitchcock’s.  Not for nothin’, but it’s unforetunate that the American entertainment community, but primarily the Black American community lost two of it’s high profile leaders in the second successive day.  To continue in this eerie coincidence, Isaac Hayes will also be in the afore mentioned movie of my previous post, Soul Men, with Samuel L. Jackson and Bernie Mac.  The movie is on pace to have on sad premiere opening.
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