Countdown to 2042

White Amerians to be outnumbered
White Amerians to be outnumbered

According to new government projections, white people will no longer make up a majority of Americans by the year 2042.  The Census Bureau has data that shows while white Americans will make up a percentage just short of 50 percent, the populations of blacks, Asians, and particularly Hispanics are supposed to be increasing, and in some cases to a significant amount.

Could this be the reality of the term “melting pot” that we’ve heard for years, coming to being?  This will question and challenge the belief structure of a many a people.  We’ve all known that for the most part of our nation’s history, white people have outnumbered all races put together.  But in a matter of 34 years, that structure will be challenged.  But does that mean the power structure will be challenged too?  When white people loose the strangle-hold they’ve had on America as far as being the majority, will they loose the power and assumed clout in the numbers game?  We all know how the numbers game works.  If you have more apples than oranges, you’re probably partial to apples.  If you have more TVs than radios, then you’re probably partial to TVs.  If America has more minorities than white people, then would America be more partial to minorities?

That could mean simply  because there are more minorities in America then we’ll end up seeing more minorities probably in places where we aren’t used to seeing minorities.  Think of what that’ll do to morale for this country.

Okay, well here are some other questions though.  If white people are no longer the majority, will we get more exposure to the cultures and customs of other minority Americans?  Will that exposure change the way we do things here in America?  If white people are no longer the majority, will that improve race relations?  Will the man no longer be able to hold us down?  We may be able to get the answers to those questions, but then again, we may not.

Not for nothin’, but white people will still outnumber any single race in America.  America is in fact growing more into the melting pot we claimed to be about a hundred years ago.  It probably won’t be an equal number of all races until well past 2042 if ever.  Asians are the majority race in China.  Hispanics are the majority in Mexico.  Blacks are the majority race in Africa.  Those places will likely hold true to that number forever, no matter how many births or immigrants.  But America looks to be the country that has the best shot at evening the playing field as far as the racial makeup is concerned.  Maybe that does make us the most evolved nation we claim to be.

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One thought on “Countdown to 2042

  1. Personally, I don’t agree that majority determines clout or power structure. I think power in the US is determined by wealth and political control and even if the majority is not white, white people still maintain the wealth and political control, as it stands now anyway. Unless the growing number of minorities gain the wealth and political power, the status quo will remain the same. That is part of why this election is so important. I think Barack being elected will do wonders for race relations and minorities in this country. It would mean you don’t have to be a white man to be president, which will change the white political establishment that has existed in the US since it’s creation. Sure, minorities have held important and powerful jobs, but not the highest job. That kind of political power will be a true victory for minorities in the US.

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