History Has Been Made

Okay, yes I know I just posted on how the United States is overtaken with the enthusiasm on Michael Phelps, probably too much so.  But would I be contradicting myself if I went ahead and made it two consecutive post on Michael Phelps and his buzz in this year’s Summer Olympics?  Well too bad.

Let’s give congrats to Michael Phelps and the US Swim team for winning in the medley relay and gaining Phelps his record breaking eighth Olympic gold medal.  Accomplished just minutes ago, America should be happy that they were able to catch the feat live in prime-time. 

But don’t get me wrong, it’s still just swimming.  Phelps did good, the team did good, but let’s move on to another story for the reporters to run into the ground.  USA Basketball still undefeated, Jamaicans breaking world records, or whatever have you. 

Not for nothin’, but let this latest round of congratulations be it for while.

2 thoughts on “History Has Been Made

  1. Erik, thanks for the comment and the top five list. I also think you’re right, he is the face of his sport, just like the others, but there are other fact concerning him, his buzz, and his sport that cannot be ignored. Just for the simple fact alone that he excells in a sport that many others around the world do not have the same resources as he to be competitive in. Not to underplay what he’s doing, but I think it may be just a bit overplayed by others. Thanks again.

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