We’re All Gonna Die!

Tropical Storm Fay
Tropical Storm Fay

Well it looks like a tropical storm will in fact be gracing Florida soil this year.  Tropical Storm Fay, likely Hurricane Fay soon, will eventually skip along the Florida west coast Tuesday.

Depending on which model you look at, you may see a different path of projection of the storm.  Some have it hitting land at a more southern point at Fort Myers, while other models have it hitting Tampa before going on a more interior route, while a latest model shows that it’ll hit category one status off the coast in the Gulf then hitting land just north of Tampa.  Which ever case you look, most of Florida west coast residents will be doing what they can or what they do when those weather conditions exist.

To be working in the broadcast news industry in Florida at this time means business, in more ways than one.  On one hand you’re covering the storm trying to warn millions of viewers the impact it could have on your area.  On the other hand, coverage can get way out of control because the storm will have little to no affect on your viewing area.  Either way, this is the time when all news employees are on a mandatory 12-hour shift with management in either scenario running around in a constant fray to make sure the best product is produced.  Because you’re likely to be on air more during this time than any ordinary period.

Folks, the news output is ultimately decided on how they want it to come out.  In many newsrooms, you’ll find a countless number of employees  banding together trying to make high pressure decisions that would jive with what their news director wants.  That’s probably the way it should  be too.  Those who are in the management position, likely have the most experience and they know what works and what doesn’t work.  It can be a pressure cooker though.  One that shakes like Michael J. Fox on crack when severe weather arrives.  To compare my feelings, I’ll have to reference a 1984 movie.  The news business at this time can’t be bargained with.  It can’t be reasoned with.  It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear.  And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead!

Not for nothin’, but this is why my favorite time of the year is between December and May.

2 thoughts on “We’re All Gonna Die!

  1. You should probably delete that last comment. It was intended for comedic effect only. But seriously, I did want to put my two cents in regarding tropical storm Fay. I heard a comment on TV today that some people are criticizing Governor Christ asking “Did he overreact to the storm?” ARE YOU SERIOUS PEOPLE?!?! If the storm was as bad as projected and did more damage people would be complaining he underreacted. Although Fay is still a clear and present danger, as a native Floridian I must say I am proud of how the state has reacted to this storm.

    And people, just because the storm didn’t hit you directly, doesn’t mean it was just a little wind and rain. There are people whose homes were completely destroyed by Fay and it’s not over yet.

  2. Thanks for the reply Sara, and yes, I received it as it was intended, for comedy. I’m not actually naming names or referencing my news director; I could be talking about my old news director. I actually refer to news directors in general who work in tropical weather markets, that live to out-due the work and effort of all that was put in from the previous tropical storm they handled.

    But to your other point, I think you have a strong argument on the Governor’s reaction. It’s something I didn’t think about. You’re absolutely right though. Even though this governor has made some bonehead moves, this was not one of them.

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