Is Anyone Surprised?

Big-footed rubber suit
Big-footed rubber suit

The discovery of the two men who reportedly found the carcass of a bigfoot, has been found to be a hoax.  The body turned out to be rubber, and the two men who claimed to have found it, they are now admitting that it was a costume.

Last week the two said they found the creature while they were on a hiking trip in Georgia in June.  They then put it in a freezer where they snapped the picture that had many around the Internet and news media buzzing.

I was not one of the buzzing.

These two guys actually even claimed that they knew of a stash of where a group of bigfoot lived.  Of course they didn’t want to disclose that location on the behalf of the safety of the bigfoot.  One of them said, “scientific analysis would prove them right.”  Yes, the scientific experiment when ice loses it’s density when it is exposed to temperatures warmer than what it is, proved them to be right about one thing.  Proved that they found a costome with big feet.  Good job guys.

It’s no surprise that the two could not be reached for comment and explanation.  Who knows why they wanted to pretend that they found a bigfoot, when in actuality, it may not even exist.  There’s a good percentage of people who do believe they are out there, but there’s no real evidence to say that there are.

Not for nothin’, but the media who fed into this bullshit aren’t that bright either.  The best time to give this story the time of day is when you find a bigfoot sitting in your living room, or one that is ran over and got its foot stuck in your car axle, or if a Native American tribe fesses up to a bigfoot burial ground.  Outside of that, lets not let stupid people like this profit off of our stupidity in believing them.

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2 thoughts on “Is Anyone Surprised?

  1. Hey, nice page. Like you, I’ve been following the recent happenings with regard to the backwoods “cryptologists” in Georgia. I actually just posted a story of my own about my own personal quest to find Bigfoot. It started in the woods of Arkansas near Fouke, and it is now headed to Australia to find the infamous “Yowie.” Part one is already up, and I should have Part two in tonight. I’ll catch ya later

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