Shortlist shortened

Obama nears running mate annoucement
Obama nears running mate annoucement

As Obama fever is sweeping the land, or at least the Democratic party, much talk and speculation is now circulating on who Barack Obama will pick as a Vice President.

A statement released this past week that was made by the Democratic nominee, apparently said that a decision has been made and an announcement will come soon.  How else are we supposed to read into Obama saying he’ll appear side-by-side with his running mate on Saturday in Springfield.  For that to be true, he would have asked someone to be his running mate, that person would have had to say yes, and that person would have also agreed to make a public appearance in Springfield.  It would have been awfully presumptive that any one of the contenders would come at a moments notice for a public appearance in a position they previously had no idea they were in. 

So now, going off of the idea that Obama has picked someone, who is it?  Joe Biden?  Evan Bayh?  Tim Kaine?  Someone else?  Much of the talk over the past couple days have been over those three names.  They are the alleged shortlist.  But where will he go?  There are pros and cons for the few of them.  Biden has the experience that the Obama campaign could use, but his state doesn’t carry much weight.  Bayh, voted for the war, but can help carry Indiana (carrying another Midwest state does no good nationally), but then again so what.  Kaine would be a good choice from the battleground state of Virginia, but young and popular and inexperienced just like Obama wouldn’t help him out much with the critics.  Ah well…there’s still always Hillary.  That would be the type of ticket many supporters would want.  Clinton supporters that is.  I admit, she does make sense in a lot of ways, but it looks like she’s a long-shot.

It has been a long process, but it’ll come to an end soon.  Hell, he could  announce something minutes after I finish writing this.  Just know, it’ll be sometime between now and Saturday.  I promise to be among the first to report it.  I, like other Obama supporters, are on his special “text message my vice presidential choice” list.  So once I have it, you will know.

Not for nothin’, but as a former Virginian, I guess you know who I’m pulling for.   


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