Mom Is Out, Now Will They Find Caylee?

Casey Out of Jail, Caylee still missing
Casey Out of Jail, Caylee still missing

In the latest missing Florida child case, mother of missing 3-year-old Caylee Anthony, Casey Anthony has now been released from jail after her bail has been posted.  If you are unfamiliar with this story then you either do not live in Florida or don’t watch Nancy Grace.

So for those of you who are not familiar, Caylee Anthony is the toddler that has been missing since June and her mother Case, neglected to report her missing for five weeks.  The story has taken several twist and turns to include mom being arrested on child neglect and obstruction charges, mom lying to investigators and her family, family’s unwavering support of mom, the child’s grandparents taking out much frustration in the middle of local and national media, cadaver dogs finding the scent of death, mom in jail for weeks because money for bond isn’t there.  And throughout all of this, young Caylee Anthony is still missing.

But now, hope is on it’s way.  Hope comes in the form of a bounty hunter and his team who are on a mission to get Casey out of jail and find Caylee.  They have succeeded in part one of that plan.  Nationally known bounty hunter team, led by Leonard Padilla and his bondsman nephew, have gotten Casey out of jail and are under a strong belief that Caylee is still alive, and after a fresh shower, new settings, and a system of trust in place, Casey will lead them to the location of missing Caylee.

Bounty Hunter Leonard Padilla of California, apparently is famous for his bounty hunting escapades, similar to a Dog the Bounty Hunter type.  I spoke with Padilla a few different times.  I asked him why he was doing this.  It would seem obvious to some that it may have been for national recognition, but his answer was simply, “to find the baby.”  That is quite admirable.  Thinking about it, it is $500,000 of his money that he’s putting up in an effort to end this drama and find this child.

Not for nothin’, but there are a lot of theories out there, and I’m not one to speculate, but I believe this will turn out to have a tragic end.  The family and Padilla believe that Caylee is still alive.  In fact, they also believe that she has been kidnapped and that they know who the kidnappers are and that they are also under surveillance.  But the thing is, there’s absolutely no evidence to show that is true.  No one has brought forth ransom demands, no one with any clear motive, in fact the only person who would know for sure is Casey who has lied to everyone involved on multiple occasions.  There is evidence out there to suggest that something foul has happened.  Law enforcement isn’t stupid, and they do know what they are doing.  If the information they are presented with, leads them to believe that some bad has happened to that child, then I would kinda have to lean with the law this time around.

18 thoughts on “Mom Is Out, Now Will They Find Caylee?

  1. I read on one of the blogs or news channels that Casey’s dad on 6/16/08 stated that Casey and Caylee had left the house at 12:50pm on 6/16 and that he had left the house at 2:30pm to go to work, so that means that the grandfather was the last one to see her on 6/16, so there was only an 1hr and 40min, between the last time her grandfather had seen her and something happened to Caylee. Another interesting thing I had read somewhere is that Amy was dating one of Casey’s Ex-boyfriends and why would Casey leave Caylee with them from time to time????? was the ex-boyfriend or Amy related somehow to Caylee’s dad???

  2. Caseys father stated that last he seen Casey and Calyee was when she left to work noon 06/06/08. Was Casey really working at that time or was that somekind of cover up to make Casey seem like a hard working mom???

  3. Let’s see…

    Casey Anthony lied to her father about stealing 2 cans of gasoline out of his storage shed.

    Casey Anthony couldn’t recall why she borrowed a shovel from her parents neighbors.

    Casey Anthony’s mother called police about the smell of a dead body eminating from Casey’s trunk until Casey convinced her it was old pizza.

    On Caseys myspace page she wrote something to the effect “I can give life and I can take it away” and it was immediately removed after some of us read it and posted it in other areas

    Every story Casey gives police turns out to be false

    Why is anyone assuming there is still a body to be found when 2 cans of gasoline could burn a lot of evidence

  4. This case is getting stranger and stranger by the minute. This inarticulate redneck Padilla and his henchmen are now involved! Yikes. As for the evidence, apparently, the “result” from the lab are NOT in yet, despite rumors to the contrary last week. I have no idea why DNA and the results from the testing of other samples is taking so long, but the police are waiting…and waiting. Meanwhile, Casey rushes home to the bosom of her loving (and wacky) family and orders a fucking pizza. Now, if what she say is true, wouldn’t you think she get the fuck out of the jail and DROP EVERYTHING and continute her own search for her daughter? Fuick the pizza. Fuck the chit chat with her wacky Mom and Dad. Get out there and find Caylee, you fucking horseface.

    Oh wait, she can’t find Caylee. Caylee’s dead. And her body was burned to ash.

  5. Just to let the record show, we can only go by what is proven. As of right now, Orange County Sheriffs Office of Florida is only calling this a missing persons case. As far as Casey is concerned, they can only say she’s neglecting her child because she is the mother and has no idea or is not telling SO where her child is. That falls under the neglect category.

    Cadaver dogs can smell all they want, sheriffs office can speculate all they want, family can support her all they want, but the fact is…there is no facts.

  6. I am very saddened by this horrific situation. How could anyone hurt a little baby like that? Casey is an animal and quite frankly, the parents are to blame as well……they certainly never had parental control as their dear little casey, who is a high school drop out, no job and had a baby, gets drunk all the time, the list goes on and on………..
    Unfortunately, there are too many parents like these people in the world, they don’t get involved in what their kids are doing.
    And then they turn out like casey, a nutcase.
    And who pays for this unruly, disgusting behavior? That poor baby!
    there are way too many missing children cases as well as abused children cases….you need a license to drive a car and to get married but not even counseling when having a child. As a former abuse victim of a mother who always beat me, I feel that any parent who harms their children deserves, at least LIFE IN PRISON! there should be more judges like the one in casey’s case that set the bond so high.
    It seems as though these people are more interested in making money off from the news shows and hiring some loser spokeperson then actually finding Caylee.
    May God Bless that little baby, and bring the truth and justice out soon.

  7. I read that the pizza was not ordered by the Anthony family but by a group of bloggers that intended it as a cruel joke. Something about a note that said, “With love and decomp.”

  8. My heart goes out to Kaylee and her grandparents. The mother needs to be held in jail the rest of her life if she did anything to harm that baby.

  9. If the sheriffs office knew for sure that she did something to the child, then she’d be looking at harsher charges. As it is now, the non-circumstantial evidence says she didn’t do anything to Caylee.

    As far as the bond, I do not agree with it at all. Murders get less. She hasn’t been charged with murder. Say what you want, we can say she did something to her child, but what if she didn’t? Orange County Sheriffs Office CANNOT FIND ANYTHING TO SAY THAT SHE DID.

    The reason why it took so long for the release, I initially wanted to blame the lawyer Jose Baez (who btw, I literally bumped into at the local 7-11 and had a bit of a coversation with), but I think the blame has to be put on the crooked Florida judicial system and judges who seemed to be twisted by the way a previous missing toddler case turned out.

  10. Trust me, Casey is looking at harsher charges. It is just a matter of time. They are not going to divulge any info. until they formally charge her. The public wants it to happen sooner than later, but realistically it takes time to build a solid case. They don’t want any chance of her getting off because of a mistake they made, including giving her attorney a head start on his defense. He is known for defending child killers, thankfully he’s never got a not-guilty plea. Right now she will definitely do time for child neglect and lying to police so they have some time work on a homicide charge while she’s in the slammer for those charges. Given the facts in this case the high bond was not unusual. In fact a man whose 5 yr. old is missing as we write, is being held on the same bond. He’s not cooperating either in the investigation. Granted she’s innocent until proven guilty, but the facts are just to convincing. I do believe it will be very hard to pick a jury in this case. Even if it was an accident, she didn’t act appropriately, and is trying to cover it up.

  11. Caylee is one cold and sick woman. Her parents are not a whole lot different. They know who the kidnappers are and claim that the kidnappers are being watched. Get real!!!!!! If they knew who he kidnappers were, the cops would come down on them like gang busters. If they are being watched, they can be caught. Lies, lies, lies. Casey will be found guilty of this and her parents will still swear that she is innocent. Sound familar?? Scott Peterson, Neil Entwistle,??

  12. Casey Anthony appears to be just as bad if not worse than Scott Peterson, and Mark Hacking. I recently read some of those pages and according to where the white car was found (parked next to a dumptster) I wonder if Caylee Anthony God forbid isn’t in a landfill. Maybe that’s why she waited 31 days to report her daughter missing. She deleted her daughters pictures from her myspace, and went out partying. I believe after several weeks of searching Lori Hacking was found in a landfill, I hope they find this baby.

  13. did anyone ckeck out to see if the allagaters could of got ahold of this little girl??? thats one way the mom could hide her bones??????????

  14. I agree with slap the truth out of her,Ive been following this case from the time it started and with all that was told I knew that we would not find this baby alive.Casey is just a horrible person with no human emotions.And my opinion towards Casey if I see her in person I would spit in her face.Ive been keeping a good eye on this case and have several blogs about the case,so I would understand how people feel about Casey she is a liar and a murder.I have more information on this case and your more then welcome to check it out.

  15. I dont know if its okay with the person that owns this blog to leave a link of my blog but if its not you can deleted I understand yarisplatforms

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