A Leader For Obama’s Grassroots Army

Anton Gunn, delegate to the Democratic National Convention and nominee for South Carolinas House District 79
Anton Gunn, delegate to the Democratic National Convention and candidate for South Carolina's House District 79

It would be amiss if I didn’t write this next post.  Democratic nominee for President of the United States, Barack Obama made an appearance with his chosen vice-presidential pick earlier Saturday afternoon in Springfield, Illinois.  That is the same location where Obama launched his bid for President in February 2007. 

We all know the platform that the Obama campaign stands on.  He’s going on the concepts of hope and change.  He’s saying he’s fresh, not a Washington insider, who he alleges is something this country does not need another four years of.  He has the rallying cry of millions of people who want to believe there needs to be something different in Washington and want a change.  Those millions believe in his message, they believe no other democrat can get it done like Obama, they believe that he’s their man.

This belief brought out millions of new voters and volunteers who wanted to believe, see a change, and perhaps see the first person of color to have a real chance at winning the presidency of the United States.  If any one of those millions stands out above any others, it would be Anton Gunn, who played a pivotal role in helping the campaign in order for Obama to win the nomination and find himself side-by-side Joe Biden today in Springfield, Illinois.

Anton, has been a community organizer in South Carolina for years, but it was only until recently when he would began the largest organization effort in his career.  Early in 2007, he narrowly lost out in a bid for State Representative to a 12-year republican incumbent in the traditionally republican state of South Carolina.  But, not feeling too bad about his efforts, he’ll soon be heading up one of the most important task in our nations recent history.  Within a month of losing in the close race he was in contact with Barack Obama himself who recently announced his own bid for the White House.  Not really needed a superlative resume, but just using his words of wisdom that moves crowds and what he knew to be true to convince Obama that he needed him in order to win the early crucial state primary.

Obama would pick Gunn as his State Political Director, and with the skills he’s had for years, managed to gather strength and enthusiasm for democrat Barack Obama for President campaign.  It wasn’t easy, it’s never easy to get millions to vote, some who never voted, and some who had no intentions on voting.  With an early victor in Iowa the Obama campaign got off to a nice start.  A bit of a stumble in New Hampshire allowed competitor Senator Hillary Clinton back in.  But with Gunn organizing the high population of African-Americans in South Carolina, and making people believe that there was a real good chance here, the convincing victory they pulled off was highly touted to be the most essential one of the primary season.

Anton, now making a second run for state representative, has one impressive win under his belt, and will be heading to Denver this Monday as a first time delegate to the Democratic National Convention. 

Not for nothin’, but I’m not saying this because his name is Gunn, or because he’s my older brother, but because I can stand outside of my personal views and just be astonished at what Anton has done for himself, his family, and the people of South Carolina.  Please check him out in the next issue of Time Magazine or the next issue of The Nation magazine on your newsstands.

Visit Anton\’s site, www.electantongunn.com

Click here, to view the Time magazine article.

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