And The Winner Is…

Sen. Joe Biden choosen as Obamas running mate
Sen. Joe Biden choosen as Obama's running mate

All the hype, all the games, all the speculation, all the waiting is over.  Democratic nominee for President of the United States Barack Obama has apparently chosen Joe Biden for his running mate and Vice President of the United States. 

It was announced late Friday evening that Virginia Governor Time Kaine, Indiana Governor Evan Bayh and New York Senator Hillary Clinton were all told that they were not chosen for Obama’s running mate.  Senator Joe Biden had spoken earlier in the week telling reporters from his Delaware home that they were wasting their time, he’s not the guy.

Some sources began to make the announcement in the early morning hours of Saturday.  The announcement of the Democratic running mate came to others early Saturday morning, just after 3am in the form of a text message and email to Obama supporters.  Earlier I reported that we’d know something sometime before Saturday, when Obama planned a public appearance with his choosen vice-presidential candidate in Springfield, Illinois.

It seemed a slam-dunk when secret service were dispatched to Biden’s house late Friday.  It would be interesting to finally see him and hear his comments now that Obama has finally made his choice.  

There are some clear upsides to Obama choosing Biden.  He has experience and respect.  He’s been in the Senate since the early 1970s.  He understands and can fill in much of what people say Obama lacks.  But then again, time and time again, he’s said he wasn’t interested in the job.  That and he’s what many people would say is a Washington insider, which is kinda what the Obama campaign wanted to stay away from.   It’s easy to say that with him on the ticket, that they’d definitely take Delaware in the fall, but that state is traditionally democratic and they only have three electors.

Not for nothin’, but you can split it both ways with the guy.  On one hand he could have done better, but on the other he’s probably the best person for him to pick.  In actuality, in many campaigns, the VP candidate doesn’t make a difference, but then again it could be all the difference.  I’d like to see which is the case here.  My primary hope is that the months of hype will not let down in an anti-climatic way.

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