The First Lady Who Will Never Be

Senator John McCain
Senator John McCain

On the heels of potential First Lady, Michelle Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, let’s take a look at the other side.  Michelle Obama delivered a fantastic speech Monday evening.  But next week can we count on Mrs. McCain to deliver the same type of speech?

Well, let’s talk about Mrs. McCain.  The title of this post references “The First Lady Who Will Never Be,” and in direct reference to Mrs. McCain.  It is not to say that one believes that Senator John McCain will not win this election, he very well could, but one woman who entered wedlock with John McCain will not be living at the White House if he does win in November.  I’m talking about Carol McCain, Sen. John McCain’s first wife.

Why is it we haven’t heard too much about this lady.  We’ve heard more on that McCain is now married to Cindy and we’ve probably heard further that this isn’t his first marriage.  But have we heard anything about the story on Carol McCain.  Well, sit back with the finger on the wheel of your mouse and read on.  I’ll give you a little insight on the former Mrs. John McCain.

The cover story of Carol, would simply go like this.  She was a model who met McCain in Annapolis in the fifties and would eventually marry him in 1965.  McCain adopted her two children and the two had a child of their own, Sydney.  He would eventually divorce Carol in 1980 saying in court documents that the marriage was “irretrievably broken”.  The two still remain friends to this day and Carol still supports McCain in whatever he does.

But here’s what really happened…If the year when the two divorced sounds familiar, well it should.  It was the same year when McCain and his current wife Cindy were married, in fact, just a month after the divorced they married.  Carol and John were in love and married for a couple of years before he was sent to Vietnam and eventually shot down in his plane.  She was the one John McCain dreamt of coming home to while he was in his Hanoi hell.  She and the kids spent years alone without him.  In the Christmas of one of those years in 1969, Carol got into a severe vehicle accident where she was ejected from her vehicle through the windshield.

The accident was damaging to say the least.  After six months of life-saving surgery to work on her pelvis, shattered arm, internal injuries, and a leg that surgeons had to take chunks out of in order to save them, Carol barely resembled the swimsuit beauty she used to be.  The accident, essentially permanently disfigured her and confined her to a wheelchair for a brief period before she gained some weight.  You can imagine that all of this would be some surprise for the POW hero once he returned home.  One would think that the next few years would be used for healing the wounds of both and repairing a marriage that may have been damaged with the separation, but that didn’t happen. 

Carol, who wanted to live happily ever after, apparently didn’t have the same agenda as the war hero who was moving up in the ranks.  Invited to different circles of people, shaking hands with the president, in the same company as governors, taking lavish trips around the nation, meeting all types of new people.  McCain himself even acknowledged he had girlfriends during this time, but it was one beautiful, mega-rich, politically connected, 17 years his his junior, female that would catch his eye in a trip to Hawaii.  He courted her that night and for the next year.  He moved to Arizona with her, and the rest is history.

Not for nothin’, but it would be hard to vote for a man who’s running for president on a platform of a principled, moral, war hero, when from the afore mentioned story only rings true to one of those accolades.  I’m not doing this just to run his name in the dirt, but I was astonished to learn this story of Carol McCain.  Just to prove it, Carol McCain, who now lives in my hometown of Virginia Beach is being well taken care of by John McCain.  Medical bills- Paid, Alimony – Paid, Child Support – Paid, Mercedes Benz – Paid.  Anything she needs, taken care of.  All by John McCain, that’s the type of person he is.  If I were in the same position, I’d still be friends and supportive of John McCain too.

3 thoughts on “The First Lady Who Will Never Be

  1. I guess if Carol McCain has forgiven him, we should. Time and distance change so much. He was gone for such a long time and it was such a distance. Six years without each other is a hard mountain to overcome. He was tortured and probably felt he was going to die. He must have wanted to really live when he got home. Carol McCain was divorced once before. John McCain even adopted her 2 sons and they still use his name. What happened to their real father??? Is anyone digging the dirt on him????

  2. Dolly, I’m sure it’ll be interesting to find out where the real father is, and his position. You do have a point on the time and distance factor, it can change so much. But remember, he went through a lot with his capture and torture, but she went through a lot too with a near fatal accident. They are both still scared to this day. They should have been supportive of one another because of what they both went through, and it isn’t out the realm of belief that they would have grown closer because of which. Thanks again though.

  3. I agree whole heartedly with this blog. McCain is a classic opportunist. He used his Carol. He used Cindy to gain politically and financially. Remember back then a military salary was hardly enough to finance a campaign. Now, he is using Palin simply because of disgruntled Hillary voters. Keep in mind three of the most important women in his life have all been beauty queens. Is it a coincidence or calculation? I don’t understand why any woman would vote for him. Check out this link.

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