Enough About Hillary Already

Sen. Clinton speaks at the Democratic National Convention
Sen. Clinton speaks at the Democratic National Convention

On the evening when many of us saw New York Senator Hillary Clinton give her speech to the Democratic National Convention, you can’t help but hear all the talk and buzz that has been about her in recent days.  It was an extraordinary speech.  She would be a great candidate for the democratic nomination.  But she is not the candidate for the democratic nomination.

It’s obvious that Senator Clinton still has a huge following.  She won a lot of support during her run for the nomination.  The primary battle, specifically between Clinton and Obama was fought pretty hard by both parties.  Both campaigns of Clinton and Obama gained the unwavering support of millions around the country.  This democratic primary battle was the closest in the history of primaries.  Some would say it was essentially splitting the party in half.  Even though Obama pulled it out, there were wounds that need to be healed.  The good news is, both candidates managed to get a huge following all of which are registered democrats, more to go to battle in November against the republicans.  The bad news is, many of those who gave their unwavering support to Clinton are really emphasising the “unwavering” part.

I read an article earlier today on how the Republican party is in Denver, hosting a Happy Hour for Hillary event.  This event, like I stated sponsored by the GOP, is for the ever growing population of democrats who are/were in support of Clinton during the primary, and cannot see themselves voting for Obama.  They cite things of Obama’s inexperience, no substance in Obama, his message, or some just believe that Hillary got the shaft by the DNC. 

Okay, so if a democrat can see themselves voting for Obama because of his experience…well Clinton has twice as much as experience as Obama.  But then again, seven whole years in congress isn’t that impressive either.  And if you’re talking about Obama’s substance or message, if that’s a problem with you then you’re likely deaf or just don’t agree with liberalism.  And for those of you who are upset because you believe Clinton got a raw deal by the DNC and that they push Obama so much that they wanted him to win.  Well if you really believe in government conspiracy’s such as that then you’re likely afraid that aliens are still coming to get you, or have persistent questions of the lone gunman theory.  If the latter was your excuse, and if it were true, then would it be reasonable to believe that a bunch of people who share your same political ideology, who have the tons of experience that you say Obama lacks, would actually know what they were doing.  Anyway, that’s a moot point.  The point is, I do not understand how someone who is a so-called democrat not support a candidate when their candidate didn’t win the primary?  I need someone to help me with this one.

Not for nothn’, but she didn’t win the primary, she didn’t get the support she needed to win, and she wasn’t chosen for vice president.  All the support that’s going to Clinton now, has to go to Obama in order for the democrats to come out on top.  Unless you don’t want that to happen, and you really are switching sides.  Otherwise, do what she asks of you, be a proud democrat like herself, and vote for Barack Obama.

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