More Twists in Missing Caylee Case

Deputy connected to missing toddler case fired
Deputy connected to missing toddler case fired
An Orange County Sheriffs Deputy connected to the case of missing Caylee Anthony, was fired yesterday because he lied to investigators in regards to his relationship with Casey Anthony.  Casey Anthony, the mother of missing toddler Caylee Anthony, is being investigated for the disappearance of her daughter. 

Orange County Sheriffs Deputy Anthony Rusciano was fired last week due to inconsistent statements that were made when questioned about a relationship he had with Casey Anthony.  It was known that Deputy Rusciano knew the mother of the missing toddler, but to what end?  How well did he know her?  When investigators confronted Rusciano about his association with Casey, he admitted that they met on one occasion, very briefly at a party.  He then denied any other contact with her.  But as the investigation continued, it became clear to the detectives that there was more than what they knew about. 

Rusciano was called on again by the investigators of the case, and confronted about this knowledge of their target, Casey Anthony.  They say, Rusciano provided inaccurate and incomplete responses.  They brought forth proof of the deputy’s betrayal and Rusciano eventually came clean.  He admitted what they had found out.  Casey and the deputy initially met each other through a friend.  They continued to talk and formed a relationship.  Apparently the relationship was physical at one point as well.  He was fired on the 22nd.

This is not to say that Deputy Rusciano had anything to do with this investigation.  But he definitely had something to do with Casey Anthony.  The relationship that was found between the two had no impact to help investigators find missing Caylee. 

This new development just days after documents were released for public record.  The documents show material to include statements on her vehicle being towed, Casey admitting to stealing money “to find her daughter”, and her mother calling her a sociopath.  All of which contributed to the Bounty Hunter Padilla who bailed her out saying if he’d known that information he would not have paid the bond.  He obviously wasn’t looking at any Nancy Grace.

Not for nothin’, but unless investigators can link Deputy Rusciano to aiding Casey, or directly link him to the missing 3-year-old, then it’s just a distraction.  They are saying that there’s no connection, but it does seem really twisted.  This is Casey’s second known connection to Central Florida law enforcement.  Seems quick and easy to connect her personally to some law enforcement, but not as easy to connect her to the disappearance of her child.

Click here to see the story.  For the public record from the Orange County Sheriffs Office on the termination of Deputy Anthony Rusciano, click here.

6 thoughts on “More Twists in Missing Caylee Case

  1. Did we expect anything different? Now we will never get the truth, which Casey has no clue to the word truth, and probably never find Caylee!

  2. Guess she was crazy like a fox. So clever-keeping everything hidden for all those days so evidence decomposes and no cause of death. Wonder if she learned that from her homicide detective papa? How did those people raise such a louse?

  3. JM and Marilyn, thanks for the comments! But as I stated before, its starting to look more and more like this story is coming to an unfortunate end. With this new evidence that they have, let’s see if they will make an arrest Thursday. It’s likely to be a busy day for me. I’ll post any updates as soon as I get them.

  4. Has anyone noticed that Casey SIGNED a paper saying she had been searching for her daughter (Caylee) since June 9th? Hmmm that is the same day that Cindy Anthony (Gmom) said she last saw Caylee until she was proven wrong by a video tape of Caylee at HER HOUSE on June 16th….HMMM both women (Cindy and Casey) said the 9th….Now I am NOT saying Casey didnt do this..but that Cindy is NOT being totally truthfull here……….

  5. This was just crazy what has happend to that little girl. She did nothing wrong. So why would the mother kill her. I hope she get jail for life.

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