Can McCain Steal Obama’s Thunder?

Palin selected as McCain Vice-President
Palin selected as McCain Vice-President


On the historic night when Senator Barack Obama accepted the Democratic nomination for president, he gave a speech that has been called historic, meaningful, powerful, tough, and effective.  Some even believed that this could be a turning point. 

The four-day long Democratic National Convention, where we heard from a variety of speakers from Michelle Obama, to Ted Kennedy, to Hillary Clinton, Mark Warner, Bill Clinton, Joe Biden, and Al Gore among others, all culminated to the final speech of the convention delivered by the man who hopes to be president.  The overall impact of the convention seemed to be successful, and certainly helped to unify the party.  But as the week draws to a close we have to look forward to the Republican National Convention, just a few days away.  And if anyone was too distracted or dazzled by the Dems, then there were some subtle hints dropped by McCain and the GOP to remind us that they are still there.

Call it what you want, some would say political attacks, other would say strategy, but the McCain campaign certainly did not hurt any chances of the White House this week, in fact he likely help himself and others who were on the fence.

We’ll get to how they handled the Obama speech Thursday night, but first McCain also had some big news of his own to share.  Sources say that the Republican nominee has pick a candidate for Vice-President.  Possible candidates include Tom Ridge, Mitt Romney or Senator Joe Lieberman.  Whoever it was, apparently was informed on Thursday and is scheduled to make an appearance Friday alongside McCain in Dayton, Ohio.  Some media reports said that, the pick may be leaked out in the early morning, just hours after Obama finished his speech.  Even having the announcement the following day of the end of the Democratic National Convention is seemingly a way for the McCain campaign to shape what will be talked about through the weekend.  Not giving the media enough time to catch their breath, here comes McCain with the most important announcement of his campaign thus far.  Furthermore with the selection looking like it’ll be Sarah Palin of Alaska, kind of sticks it to the DNC for choosing a female running mate, probable attempt to continue to separate the Obama and Hillary factions.

Not only that, but there were a couple of things that jumped out of me in regards to McCain’s response to the democratic nomination.  These are primarily the ads that ran before and during Obama’s speech.  In a big move, McCain showed his gentleman ways by running a brief tribute to Obama’s nomination.  Congratulating and saying that it’s a good day for America.  Saying, “How perfect that your nomination would come on this historic day.  Tomorrow, we’ll be back at it. But tonight Senator, job well done.”

Yes, it showed the class of the McCain campaign, but just a bit later he didn’t wait for the “tomorrow” part of that quote.  There was well timed political ad attacking Obama that ran in the breaks of battleground states scheduled to run at speech time.

Not for nothin’, but between the vp selection, it being a woman, the timing of it, the congratulatory ad, and the well time political attack, all showed some great strategy on behalf of the McCain campaign.  If this election was about a popularity contest, McCain may not fair as well, but it isn’t and he did a great job in not staying quiet to let the democratic party have all the fun this week.

3 thoughts on “Can McCain Steal Obama’s Thunder?

  1. I hope that Hillary supporters and women in general see right through this political ploy. Palin’s experience boils down to having been the mayor of a small town and governing a state with a population smaller in number than the county I work in.

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