Which All-Star Cast Would You Like To See?

All-star cast
All-star cast

There are a lot of movies that are made every year.  Once you add in all of the actors and actresses that are in those movies, that list can be quite long.  But for the sake of this post, I only want to look at a list of just a few of those actors, actually two different list. 

We’ve all heard the term “all-star cast” right?  Well, that is when there an unusual high amount of the more famous actors in one film.  Some films with all-star cast include  True Romance, Oceans Eleven (Twelve and Thirteen), Be Cool, and Bobby just to name a few. 

Now here’s a question.  I’ll give you two all-star cast, and I wonder which one would gather a better following.

Cast One:  Will Smith, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Ed Norton, Tobey Maguire, Halle Berry, Eddie Murphy, and Morgan Freeman.

Cast Two:  Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Mel Gibson, Adam Sandler, Kelsey Grammer, Heather Locklear, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Freddie Prinz Jr., Jon Voight, and Robert Duvall.

Both list include some rather popular talent of Hollywood, but which group has the edge?  Do you look at talent alone on your chosen list?  Or which ever one of the actors is your favorite?  Any of your favorite movies involve any of either cast?  With the list from Cast One, what kind of movie do you think it is?  Same for the list for Cast Two?  What do you think you’ll be able to tell about a person who picks either cast?  What do those cast have in common?  What would make them want to appear in the same project all together?  Is Cast One the new and improved next installment of the popular Ocean’s Eleven series?  Is Cast Two this summers biggest blockbuster hit?

Well these two cast aren’t your next great Hollywood blockbusters.  They are the list of celebrity endorsements for presidential candidates Barack Obama (Cast One) and John McCain (Cast Two).  I’m not really sure what they matter, but do they matter?  Is there a following of people who listen to celebrities for their political prowess?  Do candidates value their support?  They should, since it’ll take their campaign to a new audience.  An audience will to throw their support behind a candidate at his or her behest.  Look at Oprah endorsing Barack Obama.  She’s one of the richest women in the world.  Has tons of money to raise for her candidate.  Not only that, her audience democratic thinks the world of her.  You wouldn’t believe the number of women who think whatever Oprah says is gold.

Well if that’s the good, then there has to be a bad.  Years ago, celebrities wouldn’t dare get involved in politics under the fear of being labelled a communist.  It can be still somewhat damaging to the reputation when it comes to their fan-base.  What if you want to have nothing to do with their candidate of choice, that could affect the way you feel about the actor and any other movie he or she is feature in.  Celebs do take a risk, but their people just like you and me, who want to show their support for their candidate.

Not for nothin’, but in a way, celebrities add to the allure of their candidates, appearing together in rallies and events and such.  Candidates carry a weight of popularity which can be used to an advantage as they see fit.  A popularity of a Will Smith, Brad Pitt, Jon Voight or Sylvester Stallone usually works in their favor.  But as the voting American public, we have nothing to gain for voting on popularity.

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