As The Caylee Turns

More drama in missing Caylee case unfolds
More drama in missing Caylee case unfolds

As the search for missing three-year-old Caylee Anthony finds itself into another week, the drama keeps piling on and on.

The toddler’s mother Casey Anthony was returned to jail Friday evening under a hail of lights, cameras and action.  Every since then, speculation continues and Caylee remains “missing”.  Or at least, that’s what she’s still technically classified as. 
But we are hearing that the Orange County Sheriffs Office is saying that they do have evidence that has not been released yet that leads them to believe that Caylee is deceased.  We’ve known that lab results from the FBI state that there was a decomposing body left in the trunk of the vehicle used by Casey, and that Caylee was in the trunk.  We’re likely to hear more information soon as it develops.
In addition to that, other developments of Casey going back to jail.  It looks like she may stay there for a while longer.  She was re-arrested on new charges of check forgery.  While the bond for that charge was paid, the company that held the bond of $500,200 for the previous charge has revoked it and she is still looking to get that paid in order for her to get out of jail.  Bounty Hunter Leonard Padilla, first wanted her back in jail, but changed his mind, but his mind was eventually made up for him when she was re-arrested.  According to him, Casey back in jail is likely for her own good primarily because of the impact this whole ordeal is having on the public.
While you have your faction of people who are supporting the Anthony family, who believe Caylee is still out there somewhere, even some who are combing Central Florida looking for her, there are others who seem to be on another side.  Protesters have been making themselves known since Friday night.  Some believe Casey needs to be exposed for murder, some believe that the the Anthony’s are getting too much support, while some others say they’re just tired of the time and effort that people are putting in to this case.
All of this that leads us up to Tuesday morning.  The Orange County State Attorney’s office has offered Casey Anthony a ‘limited immunity’ offer.  That was for purpose of if Casey said something that led investigators to Caylee or other evidence, they would be able to use that evidence, but not what she said in court.  This is not a usual type of deal, but it was presented to primarily help find Caylee.  Basically meaning, if she does play ball, she’ll still be looking at charges (if it goes in the direction of which most are thinking), but jury would not be able to get to hear the information she gave to detectives.
Well the deadline has passed and Casey Anthony has refused the immunity offer and refused for this to wrap up anytime soon.  So lets review the next steps we’re looking at.  Immediately we’ll see protesters will continue to protest at the Anthony family house, Casey’s parents will continue to be supportive, and search teams will continue to search for signs for Caylee.  Just past the horizon, investigators will finally release information and officially confirm Caylee Anthony deceased, new charges will be brought upon Casey, but she’ll likely continue to profess her innocence.
Not for nothin’, but Nancy Grace might have to find new material soon.  This soap opera may be drawing to a close…well at least until the trial.

34 thoughts on “As The Caylee Turns

  1. this woman knows that her daughter is dead as well as her parents. they need to take a deeper look into the grandmother she is hiding something. this is ashame that these people think that little about that litte girl. wake up people we all by now know that she is dead. may god be with that little angel she ia in better hands.

  2. Thanks phyllis! This is a common thought felt among many people keeping track. There’s a good chance that the speculation on whether or not Caylee is dead will shift to how it happened. Did Casey intentionally kill her daughter in a rage, or was it accidental. But, there are still questions that need a truthful resolve, particularly the main question. Remember, she is still innocent until proven guilty.

  3. Right on Phyllis. I have suspected all along that Caylee was dead. Who waits a month to report their kid missing? No one. 5 minutes is all I would need to make her spill her guts.

    As for her parents. I am astounded that they would think so little of their grandchild as to not want her to have a funeral and be laid to rest. At some point you either stop lying or take the blinders off. WAKE UP ANTHONYS!!!!!! Your daughter is a MURDERING LIAR. AND YOU ARE JUST AS BAD. I say charge the parents as accomplices.

  4. This entire family are enablers to Casey. She needs to be smacked until she tells the police where she put that babies body. I can’t believe this entire circus.

  5. Hey, with Cindy Anthony talking to the manager of the towing company, she may yet overstep her bounds and get arrested for witness tampering or for impeding an investigation. Tim Miller said TES wasn’t leaving til they find Caylee. They are working with LE, not Cindy, on where to do searches. If they are staying til Caylee is found, it sounds like they have very good info to go on. Cindy may very well rue the day she called them so that they would find Caylee alive. What a smug woman she is!

  6. I Agree with Sherry , Cindy knows the truth , I think the whole family Knows it , its time for them to stop protenting Casey , and give caylee proper good by.

  7. I just hope that baby is found and put to rest in a peaceful place. This is the saddest story and I am glued to all the news about it not for anything but wanting justice for this child who deserved love, care, safety, affection. I think Casey Anthony is a nobody who deserves to be forgotten in her jail cell to live out her days alone… to me she did this out of wanting freedom and now all I hope for is that she gets the opposite of why she did this zero freedom. There is always an out with your child if you can not handle it just be an adult and speak up tell someone you are not right something is off, you are having bad thoughts or flat out I am not able to do this and need to think.. most moms can put their own stuff aside because they naturally put their child ahead of everything but not Casey – She is pathetic… Casey only thinks of herself… I hope she is pleased with how much time she will have to herself. I just hope she gets what she deserves a long time and I hope once her sentence comes to her we all never ever give her any attention even the negative because this low life feeds off of being in the spotlight even if for bad reasons – she is that pathetic. She knows where Caylee is and if someone else really had something to do with it… she would be able to speak about it that is such shit, I am so sick of all this BS and Cindy dear stop protecting Casey and take care of yourself for once… Casey is a big ego maniac who makes terrible decisions and you keep covering and cleaning up for her and ruining your own life – CASEY IS MANIPULATING YOU – STOP THE INSANITY and worry about finding Caylee and giving her at least the one thing she deserves some peace.

  8. Caylee,wherever you are, may God take better care of you. As for the family members remove the tee shirts and quit fooling the world.When I first started following the story my thought were quite different, but when I heard about the gas tanks that were stolen from her parents shed, i have not been able to go beyond my intuition and gut wrenching feelings that she cremated her own child. As for the lawyer, it seems that he has been brainwashed by the whole family. Stop playing games, and own up to what you did.

  9. I just want to know why the grandmother keeps getting away w/ all her lying. They arrested Casey for false statements so why not her mother to? And why she is not in trouble for messing w/ that car? I am so mad about all of this. That poor baby:0( I keep watching and praying they find that baby, so she can at least be put to rest in a safe restful place and not where no one knows where she is…. My god shes been thru enough why not just give her a peaceful resting place. Quit thinking about yourself and just tell the truth for once.

  10. I believe in my heart Caylee is not here anymore but with her God. These people, George,Cindy,and Lee are in denial and are just pathetic. They don’t deserve an Angel like Caylee. I wonder why Casey didn’t trust police…her dad was a policeman. She won’t “fess up” anytime soon. I really wonder about her relationship with her lawyer whom she calls Jose, not as a professional “Mr. Baez”.. They seem way too chumy……..RIP Caylee

  11. Everytime I read about this little girl, I get sick to my stomach. I have a two year old daughter and I can’t imagine how someone could look into those wonderful, trusting, little eyes and hurt her at all. It is totally beyond my comprehension. Your mother is the one person you should be able to trust the most. God, I feel so badly for this child. I’m disgusted by this. If she didn’t want the little girl, she should have just left her at a hospital, fire department, police department anywhere she could be safe. How in God’s name do you kill a three year old child? My heart breaks for that little sweet girl.

  12. I believe Casey left Caylee alone in the car, while she worked a bar gig. When she returned to the car she was dead. Perhaps the car internal temp got too warm.

  13. I think the parents are in serious denial. I don’t necessarily think they have anything to do with Caylee’s disappearance, but as the evidence mounts, I think they’re retreating further into denial. The mind has a hard time processing something as horrific as your daughter being responsible (by however means) for your granddaughter’s death. I say that when she is finally convicted, put her in general population. She’ll wish she were in hell.

  14. I agree Phyllis, the grandmother needs to be check into, and I mean checked into jail. Cindy knows something and I have little or no sympathy left for her. I find her working with authoities very questionable she is the one who first made the claim of the smell in her daughter’s car, yet now she is trying to backpedal. What about the flurry of phone calls Casey made to her mother and father on the 16th or 17th and neither parent returned her calls. this whole family is involved in this crime.

  15. The parents probably fee guilty about not answering Caseys’ calls…home/work/cell# knowing she now needed help with Caylees’ probable demise.As a policeman and nurse, you would think they would have a lick of sence between them…Why are they not driving around, knocking on doors like they want everyone else to do?Why should we waste our time on people who need a reality check? Notice Casey told the bounty to “get out of my house” when he said to nock off the Zen H.G. excuse……

  16. I also think little Caylee is dead- as a nurse, I am appalled that Cindy is trying to cover up her comments on the first 911 tape. To say there wasn’t a body in the trunk, and that the car smelled because of old pizza- give me a break! your lying is an embarassment to our profession!
    Come forward with the truth- and as for your daughter, be an example for her- do the right thing and talk…maybe she will follow and do the same- as for the daughter’s lies- must have learned from her mom…. I am just glad she is in jail. i just pray Caylee can be given a proper send off- my heart breaks for that precious child.

  17. Dee, I am also a nurse,recently retired after 30 years, the last 10 on a surgical/trauma unit. I heard Cindy was a surgical nurse …I wonder what her co-workers think of her. I bet she will have some problems doing patient care uless she goes to a psy.unit..Pesky old DNA….problems Cindy?

  18. I agree 100% that Caylee is no longer with us, and hasn’t been for the 11 weeks that she has been missing.

    I am so upset with these grandparents. I think their involvment goes much deeper then just being in denial. Here are my thoughts…………

    I think that Casey is so disturbed, so much a pathological liar. I think something happened to Casey during her childhood to make her this way, (NOTE***** this is not an excuse by any means for her actions.***************) But, I think Casey’s father sexual abused her during her childhood, and that he is really the father of Caylee. This is the real reason they will not release the name of the father. This is the reason Casey wanted to give up the baby for adoption, and this is why she (Casey) hates her dad. Again, if this is the case, as I believe it is, it is no excuse or defence for what Casey has done. It is my belief that this is why the parents are so vocal and why everyone is so mums the word on who the father is.

    I hope and pray that they can find Caylee’s remains and give her a proper burial. May that sweet baby rest in peace.

  19. ***** con’t ************ Cindy Anthony also reminds me of Drew Peterson, always in front of the camera for the media. Both of the grandparents need to go to jail, and they need to put Casey into the general population. that will get her talking.

  20. Tammy, I understand this attorney Baez is doing this pro-bono. I was a little surprised, but the more I think about it, I am not.

  21. i read where george is not casey’s bio father. of course casey rejected the partial immunity deal, it would confirm her guilt.
    i wish more people from down in FL area would volunteer to help look. tim miller is dedicated and professional. i hope he will find this baby and that caylee will have a decent burial.

  22. i’m thinking that george knows–it’s the gas cans and getting into the trunk of the car so early into the drama that makes me think so. cindy knows now, but didn’t know when she made the call. thank god she made the call, or she would have helped cover this up and we would probably have never known what happened to this child. casey is a sociopath, plain and simple. i think eventually prosecutors will have to use the grandparents as witnesses and they’ll have to take the 5th. i do wish more people would help search, too. she’s out there and needs to be buried.

  23. Yes, Barb I would think between police officer and a nurse they would have at least a drip of sense, apparently it is not true, neither does, and good point why aren’t they trying on their own to find this child? because they know that little angel is dead. how sad………….

  24. Casey is a totally warped individual, selfish, selfserving, conceited, heartless and some of it had to be due to the parents way of raising her. She was probably allowed to do whatever she wanted. They created the Devil. Florida is very hot, did the selfcentered Casey hang out in a bar and leave the baby in the car where she died due to heat? And Florida is full of alligators, they are everywhere. In canals, lakes, any area where they can get to water and there are a lot of preserves where alligators live protected. Surely Casey knows where alligators are, did she leave her dead baby with them knowing they would make sure no trace of the body would be found??? She might not want to tell that to her parents.

  25. Dolly, I don’t think it was an accident, if so you call for medical help. I still think those gas cans play an important role in soving this case. Casey seems to have the attitude they will never find the little girl.


  27. When I was listening to Nancy last night I saw Tim on from Texas Equisearch and Nancy was asking him about Cindy not being nice to Tim, I feel bad for Tim he is such a nice guy and they do have the equipment to find bodies. I must have fell asleep before Leonard came on can you explain this more about the dumpster?

  28. Omg……chloroform now…..and mom is out of jail again. What could a little 3 yr. old do so bad to deserve all of this. and can anyone tell me why when Casey and the attorney come out of the jail together both times …she has her arm around his hip and he has his are around her shoulders like a married couple. I am so upset about all of this….Please if you are around Orlando go help search today and tomorrow….Lets find this baby and give her the resting place she deserves and put her mom back in jail where she belongs….

  29. Hello again, Is it possible that since the mom is a nurse and the dad is a cop that they could have helped Casey get chloroform???

  30. Tammy, it is possible that they could have helped her get chloroform. It is also possible that she didn’t need them to get it. Chloroform can form when Chlorine comes in contact with skin, sweat, or urine. So in actuality, the chloroform residue could have been unintentional.

  31. just a thought

    CAYLEE’S father is supposed to be a person who was killed correct? was SS or SSI ever filed for by the person whole stole $$ from her friends and family , even grandparents in their 80’s???? anybody that greedy would have been right down at the office with her wallet open – free money!!!! guess it wasn’t him after all!

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