What’s Next In The Caylee Search?

Still no Caylee.  Whats next?
Still no Caylee. What's next?

This is obviously a hot button issue for many people, not just in Orlando, not just in Florida, but for a lot of the country.  As far as the case, new visitations are scheduled for Casey in jail and searches continue.  I’ve saw a lot of responses, many of them with the same feelings about the case.  In an attempt to respond, here is what I see coming next from many of the parties involved.

Casey Anthony:  She’s likely to remain in jail until the winter when her trial comes around.  If there aren’t any new charges, then she’s likely to get little punishment for the current charges she’s facing.  She’ll be proven guilty for child neglect, because she doesn’t know or isn’t saying where her child is, and she’ll be proven guilty for lying to investigators because of the various legal documents and statements that have counter other things she has said.  She could plead guilty to both charges and only get probation.  If the dead body of Caylee Anthony is found, it would have to be clear signs of a trauma related death.  If there’s no stab wound, gunshot wound, sign of strangulation, etc, then there’s no proof that Casey killed Caylee.  If they do find Caylee dead, then a murder charge may not come into play.  At the most it could be manslaughter.  At the least, improper disposal of human remains.  The manslaughter may not stick so the state may not go with that.  She can plead guilty to improper disposal of human remains or improper burial and not look at any significant time.  The, “it was an accidental death and I was so scared I didn’t know what to do,” defense most likely would work in her favor.  In fact, that’s possible if this case continues the same course.

George and Cindy Anthony:  The last thing you want to believe is that anyone you love has been involved in something foul.  Put yourself in their shoes, you kind of have to be supportive of your daughter in taking what she is saying as truth.  You can’t blame them if its very hard to believe otherwise.  Imagine if its your child?  Or imagine of an amount of circumstantial evidence says your mother is guilty of murder.  God forbid, but I wish somebody would say anything bad against my mother.  If you think about it, the thought is something very hard to believe about someone you love.  There’s a good chance Casey’s parents didn’t have anything to do with the disappearance of Caylee, but it can’t be wrong of them to believe in Casey and belive that their granddaughter is still alive.

Jose Baez:  Okay, he’s doing this case pro-bono, for free.  Looking from his perspective, it’s a great way to get his name out in the public.  This is the type of advertisement you can’t pay for.  It’s unfortunate that it comes at the expense of a poor child, but someone has to represent the guilty party here.  It was Cindy and George that retained his services for Casey.  So they could have knew him from a previous relationship.  So what if they’re tight, what does that mean?  After it’s all said and done, Baez could find himself on reality TV or a television law consultant.  He doesn’t even have to do that good of a job or see a trial room.  In his defense, Casey’s best defense is to keep her mouth shut like she has been doing. 

Orange County Sheriffs Office:  They will eventually release the evidence that leads them to believe that Caylee is dead.  Equusearch and Orange County Sheriffs Office search teams will then move from a rescue to a recover effort.  Charges will be updated, but it will be interesting to see what they will upgrade them to.  If they aren’t able to prove that Caylee was murdered then they’ll be no murder charge.  State Attorney’s office may come in with another deal, but if Casey and Baez didn’t take the first one, I don’t think they’ll take another.  Again, her best defense is to keep her mouth shut.

Media:  It will take a hurricane for Florida media to move on to a new story…oh wait, that happened already.  But some how media focus will slowly move away from the Search For Caylee Anthony to other stories.  This story will move from Top Story status to casual mention to no mention at all in newscast.  But then again, it come back up once trial time starts in November. 

Public:  People will continue to see this story unfold.  Many people of course will be on the side that Casey is guilty and should be held accountable.  There will still be people upset and some thinking that Cindy has something to do with it.  People will continue to argue with her because they think that she also knows more than what she is telling.  The number of people protesting will increase exponentially in comparison to the number of people actually out helping to find Caylee.

Not for nothin’, but no matter how it ends, there’s going to be a lot of people unhappy about it.  But there’s only a few select number of people involved who actually have some control on how this ends.

13 thoughts on “What’s Next In The Caylee Search?

  1. Casey Anthony will be charged with negligent homicide – the police have several major facts that we are not aware of. On her current charges she is facing up to 17 years in jail. There will be more white collar charges against her as well including federal offenses due to credit card and identify theft for using her mothers credit card.
    There is talk that a dumpster near Tony Lazzaros apartment is significant – I believe that the cadaver dogs might have gotten a “hit” near that dumpster. There is no way Casey will walk free for many years to come.

  2. I can’t disagree with this summary more. Casey will be charged with Murder 1 if she maintains her silence. There is already enough information that’s been released publicly for a conviction. Her only chance is to claim an accident and get the charge reduced to negligent homicide, however, her actions after the fact are what’s going to keep her in jail for the rest of her life.

    When the final DNA is released, she’s toast.

  3. jason,
    i don’t know if you are really jose baez or cindy anthony, but those are the only two people who have listened to this lying peice of sht that actually believe what you just wrote about her future. as for cindy and george, yes it would be hard for me to believe that my child would kill her own child if she had one, but if she had been stealing from me and her friends and lying about it for years, it would be a little easier. she is a sociopath, her mother called some of her friends before all of this happened and told them this herself. you want us to put ourselves in the anthony’s shoes, how about you put yourself in casey’s shoes, would you steal your parents car and credit cards and rack up charges, steal your friends checks when she lets you borrow her car? not report your child missing when someone doesn’t return her (nevermind that really did not happen.) there is a previous history of sociopathic behaviour, so if this is the kind of person that you are, if your parents really instilled all of the principals that you say that they did, i don’t think for a second they would lie for you if they were faced with this. think about it, you are talking about a normal person and how they would react, this is not normal. she is a sociopath, look up the definition. there is no way she will go free with just probation, think again.

  4. I’m remembering the case of the english babysitter who chose to be tried for murder and rejected reduction of charges to manslaughter. She was, however, found guilty of murdering that baby but the decision was based on insufficient evidence and the judge overturned the verdict.

    I think this is what Casey’s up to. She caused the death of her child, but murder? The police don’t even think it’s nmurder. They’ve been saying over and over that they are not even considering murder and just want Casey to come clean with it being an accident.

    If Casey admits to an accident, she can be charged with any number of things, from neglect to endangerment to manslaughter, be found guilty, and be sent to jail.

    She wants that murder charge so she can then say, in court: “It was an accident! She got into the pool and drowned!” and then reject a reduction to lesser charges and see if a jury will convict her of murder now that they know the real story. If they do, and she has confessed to the accident scenario, the judge has every right to overturn the verdict.

  5. hey jim beam,
    great thoughts there, hmmmm, gotta start thinking about how that scenario would play out. Casey’s not that smart, but her attorney is……interesting input.

  6. Jim Beam:
    I’m afraid that ship sailed a long time ago. I don’t think there’s a judge or jury in the land who will buy the accident defense. It’s too bad, because it’s likely that that’s what actually happened-accidental death as a result of gross negligence. I think that Casey has signed her own death warrant on this one. Any reasonable jurist would reason that this woman would have spared herself a tremendous amount of trouble if she’d only admitted to panicking and attempting to conceal an accident. Conclusion: She has soemthing much more sinister to conceal. I’ve found that I, myself, the last of the “accident scenario” holdouts, am beginning to have very serious doubts.

  7. wow, i’m blown away with the new stuff: chloroform in the trunk? new theft charges against casey? equuisearch is pissed at grandma? looking less like an accident, more like a sociopath. grandma and grandpa aren’t just defending their daughter, they’re covering for themselves. sick. but i’m still watching, so hope it’s not catching. at least it takes my mind off of politics (sicker still)!!!

  8. Elaine and Debra, sorry, I still have to disagree. I highly doubt the murder charge will happen. Unless the body of Caylee Anthony is part of the evidence that the sheriffs office has and isn’t showing us, then they will have a very hard time getting the murder charge to stick.

    As far as the negligent homicide, she has to show a pattern of being negligent. Who’s to say this isn’t a isolated incident. Accidental death is not negligent homicide.

    I’m not saying she’ll get away free, but she’ll likely be looking at some jail time, but you all have to be serious and look at the facts of this case. There’s no body. No murder weapon, means, motive, etc. If the sheriffs office evidence was so concrete why haven’t they charge her yet?

    The state can charge her with what they want, but they will have a hard time making the higher charges stick. Their best bet is to try to charge her with some of the lesser charge, then a judge can impose a high sentence that he sees fit.

  9. JGunn,

    I agree the body is crucial in this investigation, but I still believe they can get a conviction without it based on DNA and all the evidence of Casey’s behavior after the fact. If the hairs prove that 1)it’s Caylee’s hair and 2)their is decomposition, then i believe any jury would convict. Also, we’ll see what more is released regarding the chloroform, but this could be the murder weapon. All of it is circumstantial without the body, but most convictions in this country are based on circumstantial evidence.

  10. That’s true Debra. The chloroform does go a long way, specifically when they released that she’s been researching it on her computer.

    Because there’s no statute of limitations for homicides, then there’s a good chance state attorney will put her away for half dozen years on the child neglect and maybe a couple more years on the obstruction and forgery charges. Basically giving them ten years to try and make sure they can get a murder conviction right.

  11. I am amazed at the stupidity of Casey’s Parents, they know there daughter is a bit mental in the head yet they are feeding into her lies, Cindy even going as far as saying the caylee is possibly in Texas or Mexico.. oh yeah and maybe even Puerto Rico, this is absolutley ridiculous and maddening, they need to charge this woman with a murder one let her know what she is facing and see if she starts talking then. i also think that the attorney in this case is Questionable, i’d like to know what his real relationship is with casey, you know Casey is very manipulative so you just never know. and she seems to have a way of manipulating those around her.

    we need closure to this case

  12. Jgunn

    I don’t think that could happen, if she were tried and convicted of child neglect, they couldn’t file homicide charges under the double jeopardy laws because the charges are related. At least that’s what I heard from some legal analyst, can’t remember where.

    I say that Casey is toast, she has no solid defense and will never walk free. Once all the evidence comes in, I’m betting the prosecutors are going for the death penalty.

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