McCain’s Bulldog

McCains new bulldog delivers a hit
McCain's new bulldog delivers a hit

So the McCain Campaign newest version of a one-two attack combo came in the form his new bulldog, vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin.  Sarah Palin gave an arousing speech to the Republican National Convention Thursday evening, that gave a shot of excitement back into the GOP contenders campaign.  Some question whether or not the speech written by herself, or written for her.  Either way, many say it was a well deliver speech.

As if Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney, and Rudy Guiliani did hold the convention appetite for tearing into Obama and his campaign, Palin comes in on her tirade.  Shot after shot directed at Obama and his inexperience, lack of legislation, and his stance on the war.  From all the cheers of the roaring crowd, the republican party and much of the country in whole fell in love with the Governor of Alaska.  Call it witty, sarcastic, cynical, or comical it definitely hit a chord with people saying she is ready to get down in a fight if need be.

Obama campaigned fired back saying that it was similar to bush speeches of being devisive with non partisan attacks that they’ve been hearing for the past eight years.  Some other comments I’ve heard is that the speech sounded much like she was running for student government as opposed to Vice President of the United States. 

Now it’s only left up to a speech by McCain Thursday night and then the general election season starts.  That’s when we really get to see McCain’s new attack dog in action.  It will be interesting to see how she handles her first debate against Biden on October 2nd.  There’s been much talk on how the more experience Biden will handle the Alaskan governor, but she’s apparently up to and able to hold her own.  We’ll see.

Not for nothin’, but I hope she’ll be able to add in more substance and thought into her oratory skills.  If she is to stand a chance against Biden, the media, or public opinion she’s going to need more than a pretty face and one-liners.

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3 thoughts on “McCain’s Bulldog

  1. In regards to the speculation that her speech was written by Bush’s speech writer, she came off as trying to present herself in a similar way Bush did. I’ve heard many people say they liked Bush because he seems like an average down to earth person, the kind of guy you can have a beer with. She pretty much describes herself in the fashion of an average American mom with an average American family with average ups and downs. However, if we’ve learned anything from Bush’s presidency I hope it’s that average doesn’t make for a good leader. How does being a soccer mom qualify you for being a vice-president? And she forgot to mention the pregnancy of her 17-year old daughter and that in addition to being all the things she described her husband is also a drunk driver. How does that bode for the republicans claim of being the family values party. Democrats such as Clinton are crucified for having affairs while Republicans such as Bush and Cheney’s illegal activities such as DUI are consistently pushed under the rug. And she made several references to end of the Iraq war being “in sight.” She must have some serious extended vision. I distincly remember her running mate McCain saying he would continue the war for the next 80 years if necessary. She spoke all about her life in Alaska, but has she even ever been to Washington?

  2. And another thing… Americans seem to have this obsession with the families of the politicians we elect. With the exception of the potential first lady, as far as I’m concerned all of the speeches, debates and appearances candidates make are part of a drawn out job interview process. I don’t bring my family to my job interviews, do you? And unless a candidates spouse is a criminal (we can continue to make exceptions for republicans on this one) or drug addict then why should they affect their job performance or qualification for the job?

  3. The “in sight” reference, very funny!

    You bring up some very good points. They do seem to be a contradicting themselves. Even in the speech Thursday evening. I’m hearing a lot of shots and stories, but not much substance.

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