Who Bailed Out Casey Anthony

Casey out of jail, who paid the bond?
Casey out of jail, who paid the bond?

For the second time in as many weeks, Casey Anthony walks out of an Orange County Florida jail under a hail of spectators, cameras, microphones, reporters, and questions.  Once again she had a previously paid bond amount of $500,000 paid for her release.  Last time it was bounty hunter Leonard Padilla, but this time it is unknown who was responsible for her release.

Of course this brings up many feelings and questions for a lot of different people.  Some believe that she still should remain in jail, some believe that she should face murder charges, some say that she needs to give up the location and the details on what happen to her daughter, three-year-old Caylee Anthony.

But here we are, Casey back out and back at home with her parents and her lawyer Jose Baez.  I think we can rest assure the parents of Casey, George and Cindy Anthony, were not the ones who paid the bond, they had trouble the first time around and weren’t able to get the amount.  For the other charges that law enforcement had on Casey, the bond on those charges have already been paid, with the most current one being paid through a local bail bond agency.  After a call to that company, they of course would not say who it was that contracted them.  Either way, those amounts were small patatoes.  I even tossed around the idea of paying that just for giggles, but she was supposed to remain in jail until the $500,000 was paid.  So who paid it?  An organization representing Casey lawyer Jose Baez known as Press Corps media released the following statement on his behalf, “The individual posting the bond prefers to remain anonymous, and is doing it because of the belief that Ms.  Anthony’s constitutional rights have been grossly violated.” 

So who was the anonymous donor?  Was it Nancy Grace?  As much attention her show has been giving Casey, Cindy, George and Lee, would it be unexpected for her show to pay $500,000 in order to get Casey to agree to an exclusive interview?  Well apparently ABC News’ 20/20 are denying reports that they offered up the money for an exclusive interview.  Some how they ended up with exclusive home video though.  Lets throw some more names in the hat too.  Who can benefit from having Casey out?  The alleged kidnappers?  Bounty Hunter Leonard Padilla?  Dr. Phil?  John McCain?  We may never know.

Not for nothin’, but there’s the question out there, why is Casey out of jail again?  The real question should be, why can’t the Orange County Sheriffs Office get the proper evidence to keep her in jail?  Is it because they don’t have it or can’t get it?  To me, if its taking them this long to get evidence to charge her with some type of homicide then it might not happen.

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11 thoughts on “Who Bailed Out Casey Anthony

  1. Richard, they have to put up cold hard cash, not sure what good a promissory note is. The better question is just where did they get this money? These people do not have money. Now did ABC pay for their interview for the 20/20 show?

  2. Everyone go to the anthony’s website that they set up a couple days after casey went to jail. It is obvious that they are getting cash from good hearted people to help find Caylee, and are using it to free casey. How much money does it take to write on the back of your car windows with shoe polish? What else have they spent this money on? They have more ways to accept money from people on this site than most internet stores. grandma is crazy like a fox!!!!

  3. I normally do not post to blogs either, but I follow this story every single night. I also have a son who will be 3 in November. My heart is so broken for this child. I pray that she comes home, but fear that she was drugged each night, (chloroform) before her last and placed in the trunk in order for mom to play. I think she induced to much of the toxic solution as the oxygen evaporated in the trunk the child lapsed further and further away. I believe Casey had became complacent with this routine because prior to the childs disappearance the boyfriend heard Casey say oh shes with “Zannie” the Nanny. Well if the Nanny does not exsist now how could she have exsisted then. So i feel in my gut this child had been given drugs in order to keep her asleep because Casey did not want her parents on her case about how often she was leaving the child. I think Casey justified her actions by thinking it would be ok if the child could not wake up or be seen thats why she would have been in the trunk. That is where I think the child died and then I think she took her from the trunk and laid her near the pool in the backyard and went and borrowed a shovel. Not sure if she wanted it to appear as if she drown to her parents or wanted to bury her.She made endless phone calls to her parents and no answer. When she could not reach them she feared they would come home and catch her in the act so she put the child back in the trunk. I believe she disposed of the body and purposely allowed the time lapse between the disappearance and her mom finding her because that way the evidence would be inconcievable.

    I just keep wanting to believe that the man who saw a child at Chuck E Cheese sometime in July whose son talked to a little girl, and the man said he was 99.9% positive in was Caylee. The video surveilance was recovered, but I never heard what the findings turned out to be. His sighting and conversation with the child was in July at which time he was unaware of the childs disappearance. Any information or clarification on this would surely put my mind at ease. I do know the police thought enough of it to pursue it in order to gain access of the tape.

  4. It amazes me that Obama supports don’t miss a chance to try and smear John McCain by adding his name to the possible butts that would bail out poor excuse of a human being. Maybe be it was Oprah so she could have on her show or Jerry Springer could have the whole dysfunctional family for an epiphany moment.

  5. I’m sorry you felt that I attempted to smear John McCain. I was lightheartedly adding his name to a meaningless list of people. I never said that he, Nancy Grace, ABC, or Dr. Phil had anything to do with bailing out Casey Anthony. If you desire to say that I smeared his name, then I would have also smeared the others mentioned above and including myself (because I wrote that tossed around the idea).

  6. I think there could be something going on with casey and her attorney. They are in his office most of the time ,unless she is his only client.

  7. pray for the anthony family..i cry when i see callee on her greatgrandfathers lap when visiting him in the home, the child looked so loving an she loved her greatgrand the way she gave him a kiss an hugged him..i pray for the family..bless callee god..love elissa

  8. Casey Anthony sits in jail, and whines to her parents poor me my life is over. I do not feel sorry for her at all. She killed that beutiful little girl, and I think the death penalty would be too easy for Casey Anthony. Casey should have gave Caylee to her parents to raise. She is sure stupid, takes a innocent life, just because she wanted to party, and not be a mother, she is a horrible person. I dont think Casey should get the death Penalty, for the simple fact she will suffer way more by sitting in Prison for the remainder of her life, while her friends and all her lovers are partying and having fun.

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