Lipstick On A Pig

McCain seeks apology from Obama on lipstick comment
McCain seeks apology from Obama on lipstick comment

The McCain camp is now looking for an apology for Senator Barack Obama in this latest round of Election 2008 political campaigning.  McCain’s campaign said that Obama’s reference to the term of “lipstick on a pig” to describe the GOP’s message of them being the ones to bring change to Washington, was offensive language and a slap at his VP nominee, Sarah Palin.

This all started when Obama’s comments on the McCain-Palin ticket and their claim of “change”.  He doesn’t think that the two represent change at all.  Citing that McCain has sided with the unpopular Bush over 90 percent of the time and he’ll be continuing his failed policies, effectively having four more years of the last eight years, as he puts it.  Well, the newest theme of the McCain campaign is their own message of change.  He says that mavericks such as Palin and himself will be the ones to bring real change to Washington.

Well it certainly looks like the whole “change” concept is really making an impact in this Election 2008.  This has been the Obama theme for months, people are used to hearing the word “change” associated with his campaign.  Well, it must have been working really well, because the McCain campaign has recently been using it.  Now the results of the White House race would seem to be on who could convince the most people that their change is the best one.   

But back to the apology.  The Obama campaign says that the comment wasn’t aimed at any person, but the McCain campaign insist that it was aimed at Palin’s joke at her convention acceptance speech when she mentioned lipstick being the difference between a bulldog and a hockey mom.  They continued to say it was offensive, disgraceful and sexist.  I’ve even heard racist from some people.  You have to wonder if these people are wearing blinders or only hear what they want to hear.  The fact of the matter is, the term “lipstick on a pig” is a common phrase to describe something that is dressed up, but is still that something, normally meant in a negative connotation.  Even McCain himself has used the term to describe Hillary Clinton’s health care plan. 

None-the-less, many are expecting this to have some kind of affect on the recent polls, which depending on which one you see at the time, has Obama either slightly behind or dead even with McCain.  That is quite a surprising difference than what many Obama supporters are used to.  It even has Sen. Richard Durbin citing historical data that post convention surges never last.  But either way, it looks as if more and more are either believing in McCain-Palin/Maverick/”the real change” message or the surge could all be attributed on the shoulders of Palin in the Palin Effect.

Not for nothin’, but I think Maybelline has room for a lawsuit for slander.

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7 thoughts on “Lipstick On A Pig

  1. Senator Obama stepped into with this one.

    I’m a card carrying conservative, and I don’t believe he could possibly be so stupid as to have actually meant to call Governor Palin a “pig.”

    The problem now for Obama is waltzing through a minefield where he emerges either a sexists slur monger or a source of very poor judgment. His choice of words is not really all that bad, apart from the fact it follows so closely Governor Palin’s lipstick remark during her acceptance of the VP bid.

    In either case, it will have a negative impact for his campaign.

    As for which ticket is the agent of change… Get real on both sides – CHANGE is coming.

  2. Well I think Hussein was directing that comment about the lipstick directly at Mrs. Palin. He and the democrats are running scared now that reality is starting to set in on his campaign. Shouldn’t that has been or never was Joe Biden be doing the talking when it comes to Mrs. Palin? If Hussein is concentrating his efforts on her instead of Mr. McCain then that reaffirms the fact the Hussein has about as much experience as she does and he knows that is his only avenue of attack. Didn’t Hussein say time and time again that he would not bring in dirty campaigning to this race? I guess that only applies when he thought he was leading in his mind.

    On a seperate note…I hope more of these MTV rejects of society goofballs endorse Hussein. Every time that happens McCain gets a boost and more of a lead in the polls. Hussein’s supporters are like a wagon on square wheels to him. Embarassing!

  3. Jim Salmons, thanks for the comment! You’re right, it may have been a mis-step for the Obama campaign. Also, this election will bring about change. At the very least, change in administration. And on the McCain behalf, change normally comes with a change of administration.

  4. RE Peddlar…who are you referring to as Hussein? Are you talking about Saddam Hussein? He didn’t say those comments, he’s dead. Unless he was ressurected and said those comments.

    Okay, I know…I’m being facetious, but this whole Hussein name calling I haven’t really touched on, but I do not agree with it, no matter what the intention is. Yes, Hussein is Barack Obama’s midde name, but I do not see a productive reason in calling him that. To me, it seems to be a reference to bring up the fact that he does have a traditional muslim name. Yes we already know that his name is Barack Obama. Otherwise, you’re trying to directly related his name to that of Saddam Hussein, one who is accused of some quite atrocious, deplorable, and murderous behavior. See, it’s like calling every German citizen Hitler. That isn’t fair.

  5. this lipstick issue has made me realize that McCain has become quite the politician… he has proven time and again that his strategy for winning is based on personal attacks and distracting people from the main issues

  6. Well, McCain got exactly what he wanted. He wanted at least 24 hours of the attention off the issues and on something that the media could run into the ground.

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