Virginity For Sale

Natalie Dylan sale her virginity
Natalie Dylan sale her virginity

Natalie Dylan, a Sacramento college student is selling her virginity in an auction to the highest bidder.  Dylan, who already holds a B.S. degree in Women’s Studies, plans on using the proceeds to finance her graduate school education in Marriage and Family Therapy.

Of course, many have a few questions.  One of the first would be, is this legal?  Well, her first choice of auctioning on EBay, refused because it isn’t legal, but it is if you’re going to do it at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch, a legal brothel in Nevada.  That’s where she’s holding the auction and where the deal will be consummated.  But Dylan now finds herself in a media blitz full of controversy.  The story was initially publicized by an interview from Sirius Radio shock Jock, Howard Stern, where she said she’s ready to do this and has no problems with it.  “We live in a capitalist society.  Why shouldn’t I be allowed to capitalize on my virginity?”

In addition to doing this to help finance her education, she’s trying to repair her own personal financial situation after it was damaged by her step-father.  She’s also ready to go through a polygraph test and a gynecological exam confirm her virginity.  She already has one confirmed offer for $250,000 and she hopes to get up to $1 million.  She doesn’t want just anyone either, she’s hoping to get someone that is a nice person and someone she can find a little chemistry with.

Natalie Dylan
Natalie Dylan

Dylan actually got the idea from a Peruvian woman who done it previously.  There are a few cases where some European women have done it too.  So the whole idea of selling her virginity isn’t a new one, in fact the concept of prostitution, which is helping stir this controversy, is said to be the world’s oldest profession.  But here in this country, in this time, it is taboo and frowned upon by many.  And that’s kind of what it boils down to.  Many say that what she’s doing is no different that prostitution, strippers or exotic dancers who sale themselves or images of themselves for money. 

Not for nothin’, but I know some mental health counselors who would have a field day with this one.  Grant it, you’d have to know more about Natalie Dylan, her background and her family, but there has to bee deeper issues at work here.  First of all, the name Natalie Dylan is not her real name, and it’s being used to help conceal her identity.  Not only that, but her sister works at the same place where she’s doing this, the Bunny Ranch.  So you kind of have to question the mental history and/or family background.  It’s kind of a contradiction that she shows some values by having her virginity at the age of 22, but then again she’s selling herself for money.  Any mental health counselor can tell you that some type of self-esteem issues come into play, further questions could help figure out what brought that on.  Natalie Dylan wants to further her education with a degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, but it sounds to me that she needs some family therapy herself.

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4 thoughts on “Virginity For Sale

  1. She’s probably willing to sell her “virginity” because she isn’t really a virgin, and has nothing to loose and money to gain.

  2. I support her. The truth is that the women who condemn her are jealous because when they lost thier virginity all they got was a broken heart or more! (maybe even pregnancy or a STD).

    The men who condemn her can’t afford it. Plain and simple.

    If I was a virgin I would definalty do it!

    May the hightest bidder win!

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