I Don’t Like Ike

Aftermath after Hurricane Ike
Aftermath after Hurricane Ike

The huge Hurricane Ike finally made its way on the shores of Texas in the early morning hours of Saturday.  And as one can expect with any category two hurricane that makes landfall, destruction and disaster will be left in its wake.  The coastal city of Galveston took the brunt of the impact as the storm the size of the state made its way through and then on to Houston.  Both areas in that southeast part of Texas and some areas of southwest Louisiana will have some major work to do in the coming weeks.

With thoughts and comparisons of Rita and Katrina coming as well, naturally officials do not want to make the same mistakes that they were blamed for a few years ago.  President Bush gave his comments Saturday morning and Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff is expect to arrive in the area Saturday evening to help ensure a speedy response.  To continue with the similarities, you also have residents who were trapped on roofs due to massive flooding that was 7-8 feet high in some places. 

Now is the period of recovery that many find themselves in.  Well for those who can get into their communities after dodging the road closures due to debris of traffic lights, glass, and trees would still have to put up with floods and fires.  Close to 2.6 million customers in Texas and Louisiana suffered power outages, dozens of buildings damaged, but most importantly, the storm has been blamed for four deaths, a number that could likely rise over the next couple days and search and rescue crews move forward.

Not for nothin’, but everyone has to start heeding the warning of these destructive forces of nature.  When you are asked to evacuate, it’s not for nothing.  Time after time people absolutely refuse to evacuate or cannot evacuate.  There perhaps should be a better system to help transport and house those who have little options available to them.  But rescuers are now going door-to-door to the 20,000 people who neglected to flee, and now they are likely the same ones calling emergency crews for help.  This storm made short-work of buildings and made skyscrapers look like the were impacted by nuclear bomb.  If you’re in the way, and you don’t have to be, then don’t be.

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