BREAKING: Casey Anthony Arrested Again


Casey Anthony arrested -- again
Casey Anthony arrested -- again

As been reported by several media organizations, the re-re-arrest of Casey Anthony, mother of missing toddler Caylee Anthony, happened earlier Monday afternoon in Orange County, Florida.  Casey, along with her lawyer Jose Baez, turned herself in to Orange County authorities at the booking and release center, shortly after an appointment with her home confinement officer.

Casey Anthony, was placed under arrest for a third time, possibly on the additional fraud charges she faced for her second arrest.  The second arrest came under a hail of fanfare, protesters and media cameras.  Lawyer Jose Baez said he did not want to go through that again. 

Not for nothin’, but it really does seem that Casey Anthony keeps going in and out of the revolving door of the Orange County Jail.  They arrested her twice before and tried keeping her in jail, but it’s not working.  We all know there are certain reason why they want to keep her in jail.  This time around they need to find the proper charges to get a judge to agree to no bond status.  As long as she has bond, they have no case.

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8 thoughts on “BREAKING: Casey Anthony Arrested Again

  1. Please note in the picture—Casey is wearing a rosary–what an insult to the church. If she had any faith in the rosary–first of all you don’t wear it, as they are prayer beads and secondly she wouldn’t be lying about anything.

  2. It is a tragedy that Caylee is missing. I pray that the little girl is safe, either on Earth or with our Lord.

    I will not throw stones at Casey. I also pray for the innocent Anthony family. Those who are responsible will meet judgement.

  3. What is wrong with this woman? She shows no emotion for her daughter and never pleads for her return?She is definetly guilty. If my child was missing I couldn’t stop myself from crying and pleading for their return.She is too calm and lacking any normal emotion. Her parents need to wake up!They are probably just embarassed about the fact that thier daughter really did do something to their grand-daughter and can’t deal with the truth of this tragic situation.

  4. I too feel sorry for Casey Anthony’s family and those who were drawn into her schemes. What Casey Anthony did not realize is that her actions reasonate far and wide. And she does not realize how many people she actually has hurt with her actions. Poor little angel Caylee, rest softly with all the saints and angels.

    Just my thoughts,just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.
    Mary Caliendo

  5. Jose Angel Baez Also named (Jose Angel Soto Fornes) Why does he spend over 6 hours alone with Casey, it is very unusual for a attorney to see client 5 days a week from 10:am to 6:00pm. Has Casey put him under her spell, sex maybe? Now they want to go touring, OH yeah in secrect. Will they run awaw togeather? my guess is YES Jose Angel was a Real Estate agent in the past. do not know how good of one. Did he sell you a house?


  6. this is tragic hope it gets worked out i wish if anyone wanted to hurt their kid, i am open to adopt all kids who may suffer at the hands of abusers i love kids i have four and will take all little angels, so people listen up you may get away with murder but god sees all.

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