Have They Gone Too Far?

Protesters at the Anthony house
Protesters at the Anthony house

I think its time that we all agree that what’s going on outside of the Anthony house is beginning to become too much.  What I am seeing that’s happening is people are upset that Casey Anthony, mom of missing toddler Caylee Anthony is out of jail.  As we all know, when someone is arrested then eventually see a judge and a bond amount is set.  Well that’s what happened in this case, and like it or not, Casey Anthony had her bond paid and she was released from jail.

There are a certain number of people not happy with that.  Whenever Casey is at home, it’s almost gaurenteed that there will be protesters standing outside of her home.  Some with signs reading “baby killer”, some yell and scream, some dress up, while others are silent. 

Even though the homeowners association of that community wants them to be removed, at this time it is totally find for people to stand outside of that house, and hope that their presence will eventually get Casey to crack and possibly admit to something in the missing Caylee case.  How will these people go?  They stand outside on the opposite side of the house, they leave the ground littered with empty water bottles and cigarette cases, grass is worn down and gone in many places, caution tape is broken.  One protester got into with Cindy Anthony over the weekend and a child was hurt in the process.  Early Thursday evening, it got way out of control.  People were throwing things yelling, cursing, etc.  There was a bat, and someone attempting to pull George out into public property where who knows could have went down.  This is beginning to look like a posse or lynch mob that created fear for criminals about a 100 years ago in the wild west.  (INSIDERS TIP) Thursday night, I’m hearing that hundreds, in a motorcycle gang are said to show up in opposition to protest the protesters.

Is this right?  Do the protesters have to go so far as to put themselves and their kids in danger.  Florida Department of Children and Families have already issued a statement saying that they will investigate anyone who brings kids out there.  People have gotten hurt in this ordeal, if it continues, someone will get hurt even worse.  All for what, because someone believes so passionately that Casey Anthony should be in jail that they are will to risk their well being? 

Not for nothin’, but there are dozens of people who deserve to be in jail more than Casey Anthony.  People are released everyday, out on bail, even though there’s no doubt to their guilt.  People accused of far worst offenses than what Casey is.  Drug dealers, murderers, child abusive parents, thieves.  People known to have hurt others and likely will continue to hurt others, are out on the streets, but for some reason they do not find protesters at their front door.  What does that say about the type of person who behaves in such a way, or to endanger their own kids in their attempts to help find another.  If they want to help find Caylee Anthony, there are better ways at going about it. 

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12 thoughts on “Have They Gone Too Far?

  1. not for nothing but what could be worst than killing your child, are you kidding me?
    What you sow if what you reap, do you really think her actions wasn’t going have consequences. You say people have hurt, exuse me how about Caylee!

  2. ” People accused of far worst offenses than what Casey is. Drug dealers, murderers, child abusive parents, thieves.”

    HOLD IT – Casey is every one of these types and more…you forgot? When you blend them all together into one, you’re gonna have protesters.



  4. Uh, yeah, I think so. They aren’t just punishing the Anthonys, I really feel for the neighbors! I would hate to live there! And what’s with people taking their children there?? I mean one child had his arm slammed in the car door while his mom was screaming obsenities at Cindy, now what did that prove??

  5. Also proves the law of Karma, cause and effect. What goes around, comes around.
    That person clearly wanted only to vent her spleen at Cindy, spew forth hatred toward her, and the negative force of her hatred cycled right back around and hurt her own family.
    I don’t doubt she saw herself as an avenging angel, but perhaps after watching it on video a few times, she can see the error of her ways…

  6. This is an outrage these protesters are taking away from whats really important like finding this little girl. For what a chance to be on T.V?
    If they truly want to be helpful they would have thier as**s out looking for the baby.Oh I forgot there are no cameras out there. Get A Life and leave them grandparents alone. They are only trying to hold on to hope for that little girl and if there is the slightest hope for them that Casey is telling the truth (doubtful) then that is what they are going to hold on too. Whats the alternative? Try to have some empathy you know put yourself in thier shoes. To all the protesters reading this GO HOME!!! its obvious this tactic isnt going to work. This girl believes her own lies. She dosent care that your putting her parents through hell, Its all about her. She loves being in the spot light and thats exactly what she is getting from you the protesters.If thats what you are trying to accomplish Then Job well done!!!!!!

  7. George and Cindy are alway’s outside with a hammer, how many signs do they put up in one day.The protestors are not helping, and bringing their children is just not right, But people are angry with the Anthony’s, and they have a right to protest, but not violently..I really believe that George and Cindy like to stir it up too..Pound your signs in the morning stay away when they come at night..

  8. I think that that the parents have brought this ALL on themselves… obviously, they know there daughter is “hiding” something, from what it seems they arent asking there daughter very many questions, if i was her mom her ass would be in jail where she belongs. I think the Anthonys like all the attention there getting. The apple doesnt fall far from the tree!!!!!

  9. So I just came from the Anthony house again. My girlfriend and I just decided to go around and see what was going on. Come to find out, the neighbors have called the Guardian Angels. If anyone here isn’t familiar with th Guardian Angels, they are a group of private citizens who voluntarily give their time to help communities, whether to help fight crime or give back through events.

    One of their representatives Colorado, told me that they were there to keep the peace. It was a re-occuring theme with them. As they were there, protesters seemed to want to provoke them. Keep in mind, if the protesters are to get out of line, they will take them down for a potential arrest. No one that lives in that house is doing anything that is against the law. But once you have those who start trespassing, throwing things, verbally assaulting, the are the ones breaking the law and are just as bad as Casey.

  10. I am SICK of people suggesting that George and Cindy Anthony, who are innocent American citizens, incite trouble by ordering these notoriety seekers to stop banging on their doors and pelting their house with rocks or whatever, flooding their windows with light late at night, and screaming at them.

    This is THEIR property, and they have the right to walk every square inch of their yard unassaulted.

    Please, redirect your indignation toward Casey, who has subjected her family to this torture.

  11. George and Cindy like to stir the pot, They don’t deserve people coming on there property no..but they need to tell the truth and maybe all this drama will start..or if they have nothing to hide then take a lie detector test, not taking that test makes people believe they are quilt of something..so there out for them just like they are for casey..Take the test George and Cindy stop all this in the neighbor-hood..

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