Sarah Palin You Just Got Nominated Vice-President, What Do You Do?

Sarah Palin arrives in Orlando
Sarah Palin and family arrive in Orlando

“I’m going to Disney World!”

That’s not exactly how it went down, but it can serve as an interpretation.  In the following weeks after being named John McCain’s running mate, Governor Sarah Palin finds herself on the campaign trail and making her first trip to the Sunshine State.  The Straight Talk Air II arrived at Orlando International Airport around 6pm Friday evening.

It was announced earlier in the week that Sarah Palin will be paying a visit the the battleground state of Florida, to a community about an hour north of Orlando, The Villages, for a campaigning event.  These presidential and vice-presidential candidates keep a tight schedule.  They campaign all over the country without taking many breaks.  Candidates could find themselves in over a half-dozen cities in the course of one weekend, there isn’t much down time on the campaign trail, you always have a job to do. 

Democratic candidate Barack Obama also has a public event scheduled in Central Florida this weekend.  It’s a Women For Change event to be held in Daytona Beach.  Obama has been in Florida for a couple days now, but with Palin’s arrival Friday is the first time the two “stars” find themselves just about 100 miles from each other.  There’s likely to be talk of who drew the bigger crowd, who delivered the best message, or who got the brunt of the media attention. 

But as the Florida community planned for a Palin visit, it was figured that she’d arrive in town the day of the event.  You can imagine the surprise of many once they heard that she was planning to be in Orlando, Florida as early as Friday evening.  Well does she have any public appearances scheduled in Central Florida for Friday night or throughout the day on Saturday?  The campaign has not announced any public events.  Some sources speculated on what she’d be doing so early in town prior to her scheduled event.  Suspicions were all but confirmed when she walked off the plane.  It was Palin, who was soon joined by husband Todd, and one kid after the next.  They all hurried off into the motorcade of SUV’s and took off. 

Not for nothin’, but if you had five kids, and you never been to Florida before, where would you go if you had an extra day? 

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4 thoughts on “Sarah Palin You Just Got Nominated Vice-President, What Do You Do?

  1. Sarah Palin isn’t your average candidate and she’s proving that by taking her family on the campaign trail and to Disney World while the other candidates are busy working and most likely she’s doing it on the campaign fund’s dollar. You’d think someone who is running for vice president would be able to handle two months of campaigning without squeezing in family vacations in between. Will she be taking her family to foreign countries for vacations when she goes to discuss American foreign affairs?

  2. Listen up yall. Sarah Palin is not that good at polotics, but McCain is. McCain is the best Presidential Nominee yes. I consider of what Knoelle said is right. I am sure to vote for them!

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