Candidates And Their Cars

Candidates and their cars
Candidates and their cars

Here’s one category John McCain lead Baracrack Obama in, vehicle ownership.  In a report released by Newsweek, it details the fact that John McCain own 13 vehicles to Barack Obama’s one.  This comes after all the attention personal property received over the last few weeks when the Politico pointed out that McCain did not know how many houses he owns. 

The article goes on in detail each vehicle that McCain and his wife Cindy have in their fleet.  There was some feedback the Arizona Senator received from President of the United Auto Worker Union, Ron Gettelfinger, saying there’s a contradiction with McCain when he told press in Michigan that he’s bought American all of his life, when vehicle registration records show two of the vehicles the McCain’s own are foreign cars. 

Democrats are now eager to jump on this report of the contradiciton and the fact that McCain has 13 vehicles registered to him and Barack Obama has only one, a Ford Escape Hybrid. 

More criticism in the form of Gettelfinger saying, “The last thing we need is a presidential candidate who undermines autoworkers, and these days it seems that John McCain is doing exactly that.”  Others say that in today’s economy, people have trouble filling the tank on one vehicle, but McCain finds that he needs 13 to fill up.

Not for nothin’, but what is next?  I wonder who has more red ties, Obama or McCain?  Or maybe Obama’s shoes are more expensive.  I guess it’s one point for the Obama campaign for having a eco-friendly vehicle as the sole vehicle in his possession.  But try to consider how much use he gets out of his car, or McCain gets out of any of his.  I doubt the two of them will be running any errands, taking road trips, or anything else that would require them to be behind the wheel.  We probably should get to things that really matter in this campaign and stay away from reports like this that’ll likely have no impact on who’s better suited to lead our country.

Click here to see the story.

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