The Most Dangerous Celebrities

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie among list of dangerous celebs
Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie among list of dangerous celebs

Okay, we’re not talking pop singer Michael Jackson or rapper Mystikal who have material titled, “Dangerous”.  Nor am I referring to potentially dangerous celebrities like O.J. Simpson or Mike Tyson.  But Internet security firm McAfee Inc recently released a list of celebrities that come with a “don’t click here,” tag.  They say that searching for some of your favorite celebrities is dangerous for your computer and runs the risk of your computer of getting a virus, spam, and other unwanted things that could cause damage to it. 

The report says that that searching for information or pictures of celebrities like Brad Pitt or Beyonce carries almost a 20 percent chance of being infected.  Commonly browsed names of celebrities and other notable people are used by cybercriminals as a simple and effective way to trick people into infecting themselves.  Peoples interest in celebrities, their gossip, current events, and pop culture are among the most popular search topics on the Internet.  What better way for those who wish to do harm to your computer to get you to click somewhere you shouldn’t click.  A search for “Brad Pitt Screensaver” yields many results, half of which contain malicious links to spyware, adware or to a potential virus.  If you search for Beyonce ringtones, you may end up getting your identity stolen. 

In addition to Brad Pitt and Beyonce, this list of dangerous celebrities are to include over a dozen of your favorite men and women who adorn the big and little screen in music, film and television.  The list goes from Justin Timberlake, Mariah Carey, Lindsay Lohan, Cameron Diaz, George Clooney, and a few others who’s name pose a threat if searched for on the the Internet.  All with certain screensavers, profiles, pictures, wallpaper, and downloads that come attached to their names and links to undesirable material. 

This is the second year McAfee compiled this list.  Last year Paris Hilton topped the list.

Not for nothin’, but perhaps the world wide web is taking on a new and more literal meaning.  People are drawn to celebrities, that’s why they’re celebrities.  People also like to hear about drama and controversy.  So naturally many people mix the two together and a search for “Angelina Jolie profile and pictures” could ruin your computer.  The Internet is a technology tool that can connect billions of people across the world, in almost a web of sense.  The word web is normally associated with a certain eight-legged predator.  You better believe there are predators out there who are prowling our web too.

Click here to view the McAfee report.

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