Student Suspended For Anti-Obama Shirt

Student suspended for anti-Obama shirt
Student suspended for anti-Obama shirt

An 11-year-old boy in Colorado was suspended last week for wearing a homemade shirt that read, “Obama – A Terrorist’s Best Friend.”  The school district cited the the shirt being disruptive as opposed to its political content.

On the day, students at Aurora Frontier K-8 School were asked to wearing a red, white and blue shirt to show their patriotism.  That’s when the fifth grader, Daxx Dalton came in wearing the shirt.  School officials gave him the option of changing his shirt, turning it inside-out, or face suspension.  Dalton chose to be suspended.

The boy’s father Dann Dalton, who is said to be a proud conservative, said that the school made a big mistake by suspending his son.  The boy said that he felt his first amendment rights were being trampled and that he has the right to wear it.  His father agrees with him and even went as far as saying the public school system is full of liberal loons.  The father is now considering a lawsuit. 

The school district would not directly comment on the incident, but paperwork submitted by the school to the district says that Daxx Dalton was not suspended for wearing the shirt, but for willful disobedience and defiance.  The school district also released in a statement saying, “(The school district) respects a student’s right to free speech, such as the right to wear specific clothing,” but administrators also review any situation that interrupts the learning environment.  

The district’s superintendent said that hundreds of students wore shirts with designs, many to include political slogans, without incident.  But Dalton’s shirt was beginning to become disruptive when a number of kids and teachers were expressing that they were upset over the shirt.  There was shouting and yelling.  Some of Dalton’s friends applauded him, while others accused him of being racist.  The controversy spilled outside in the school yard as well as into the classes.  

Not for nothin’, but this kid is likely not old enough to form a valid opinion on the subject.  For all of his eleven years he’s been subjected to his father’s strong conservative beliefs to probably even go as far as saying hateful things on opponents.  It’s the kids father who designed and made him wear the shirt to school.  Same as he designed and made the boy’s sister wear a similar shirt.  The sister’s shirt wasn’t as disruptive, so she wasn’t suspended, but it was quite apparent that the school felt they had to do this.  Daxx Dalton has a right to believe what he wants, and to a certain extent, he has a right to wear what he wants, but if he isn’t intelligent enough to see what effect wearing a shirt like that has in the environment he was wearing it in, then he shouldn’t wear it.     

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One thought on “Student Suspended For Anti-Obama Shirt

  1. So, when BUSH was in office, it was OK to wear shirts calling HIM a terrorist…but OBLAMA, who is FRIENDS with REAL former TERRORIST WILLIAM AYERS gets a FREE PASS???

    Sorry — it seems the shirt is CORRECT! Oblama IS a TERRORIST’S BEST FRIEND.

    Get educated dude. Oblama took money and hung out with people that bombed the Pentagon and killed people.

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