Desperate Times, Desperate Measures

Bush, McCain and Obama to meet on bailout
Bush, Obama, and McCain to meet on bailout

In a historic and unusual move, President George W. Bush has asked for a meeting with White House hopefuls, Senators John McCain and Barack Obama, as well as other congressional leaders in Washington to help work on the $700 billion bailout plan.

The plan has been called flawed by many.  Even by the two presidential candidates who came together in a joint statement saying, “the effort to protect the American economy must not fail.”  The statement continued, “now is the time to come together – Democrats and Republicans – in a spirit of cooperation for the sake of the American people.”

In more historic moves, Republican nominee has angered some in his own party announcing that he will suspend his campaign to help with the nation’s economic crisis.  He asked his opponent Barack Obama to do the same and perhaps postpone Friday’s debate.  Obama declined the request responding, “this is exactly the time when the American people need to hear from the person who in approximately 40 days will be responsible for dealing with this mess.”

All of this hours before President Bush addressed the nation defending his bailout plan.  Bush’s live speech warned Americans that failing to act fast would result in dire economic consequences.  The plan, while still widely unpopular, is gradually getting better as obstacles are being cleared, but there are still major elements that remain.

Not for nothin’, but it really does seem like desperate times call for desperate measures.  It’s amazing that this situation has gotten so bad that we’re having special sessions and meetings to try to come up with a plan.  This plan, originally termed “bailout” (now trying to be re-phrased as rescue instead) is exactly that.  The government is using tax payer money to bailout Wall Street, effectively helping themselves out, as well as the economy and the American people. 

And even more of a desperate move is a candidate for president for a major party has suspended his campaign just over a month from the election.  There are other ways to go about this.  Speak more of your plan to fix things as president, make calls to lawmakers, meet with the president.  Any or all of the above can be done, while still on the campaign trail.  Going to Washington to “get back to work” like you’re the only one who can save the day will not cut it.  John McCain, you’re running for President of the United States of America.  The election is around the corner.  You need to be actively seeking every vote you can get, convincing people you’re the better choice, because as it looks, this election will be a close one.  Bottom-line, it’s nice that you want to help out, but I’m sure the American people will understand if you didn’t.

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