O.J. Simpson Found Guilty

O.J. Simpson found guilty
O.J. Simpson found guilty

Former professional football star O.J. Simpson has been found guilty on all charges relating to his armed robbery and kidnapping case in a Las Vegas court.  The 12 charges he and his co-defendant C.J. Stewart are facing could lead them to a sentence of life in prison.

The verdict came 13 years to the day Simpson was acquitted of double murder in the highly publicized case in Los Angeles.  This time around, it didn’t turn out as fortunate.  Simpson showed little emotion before he was handcuffed and led away from the courtroom.  He now awaits a sentencing date on December 5 to find out whether or not he’ll spend the rest of his life behind bars. 

The tumultuous case has been quite intriguing from the beginning.  First it involves the public figure O.J. Simpson and his disputed history.  Then you have a number of people involved rolling over, making deals and testifying against Simpson.  People are selling their accounts for six figures, victims are not really agreeing on Simpson’s guilt and law enforcement officers are being called out of character.  Whether or not the victims, witnesses, deputies, or law and order system is “out to get” Simpson, this whole thing had to have been slanted from the start even if he was innocent. 

Not for nothin’, but because many people are still feeling pretty raw about how his last trial ended up, there was no way he was going to get a fair trial.  Not saying that he’s was innocent, that’s not for me to decide, but if strong evidence showed his innocence I doubt it would have made a difference.  People were involved in this case to the degree they were involved in it because it was O.J. Simpson they were dealing with.  Some type of notoriety would be to gain for anyone involved.  I’ll leave it to the sentencing to be proven right.  With O.J. technically being a first time offender, then he probably shouldn’t get the max penalty.  His chances of fairness increase as the number of people’s opinions decrease.

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