Hard Hitter Takes a Hard Hit

Petruzelli knocks out slice
Petruzelli knocks out slice

In the sport of Mixed Martial Arts, tough guys aren’t hard to find.  What’s even less hard to find is scary looking guys who you know can fight.  One of the more scary individuals is brawler Kimbo Slice.  Slice is still young in his career and has a following of many who believe he could perhaps take the sport to a new level of appreciation.  That premise took a staggering step back as Slice took a staggering step to the ground in his latest fight Saturday night.  Seth Petruzelli, a more seasoned MMA fighter managed to beat the phenomenon, and not only that, but in 14 seconds.

Whether or not we’ll now see the rise of a new great fighter and the fall of another remains to be seen, but both fighters are being looked at with a new set of eyes in the world of Mixed Martial Arts.  Petruzelli, likely to become an overnight sensation, has already done various media interviews and booked several others.  But what’s in line for him professionally is something he’s not so sure about.  I spoke with him earlier this evening and he said it hasn’t sunk in yet and he himself has no idea where this will lead.  One thing we can pretty much say for sure is that more media attention and more fights with bigger paydays are in his future.

Kimbo Slice on the other hand, I doubt will be forgotten about.  Even though Petruzelli has offered a rematch, he believes that Slice may not take him up on it.  But Slice still remains a highly recognizable face in the industry, probably along with Gina Curano, the most recognizable in the EliteXC faction of MMA.  Slice’s career was relatively young and many say he was unproven and that this was foreseeable, but no one had a 14 second knockout in mind.  Slice was gracious in giving Petruzelli credit for the victory in post-fight interviews.  He touted new skills in pre-fight interviews, so as long as he’s willing and able, we could see his star rise again.

The fight almost didn’t happen.  The main event was scheduled to be Kimbo Slice versus Ken Shamrock.  Shamrock, a legend in mixed martial arts, was disqualified from fighting after receiving a cut over his eye.  Apparently one person’s loss is another person’s gain, as Petruzelli, who was stuck in as the replacement now has the sports entertainment world buzzing, crowning him the “modern day Rocky”.

Not for nothin’, many say Kimbo Slice is unproven, untested, and I’ve even heard the term charade used, but he’s 6’3″ and almost 240lbs.  He beats people up for a living (used to be for fun).  I’d like to see any critics step up against him.  Petruzelli fortunately got his chance and it paid out for him.  But you can’t make a 14 second bout characteristic of a fighter’s whole career.  He’s obviously already proven enough to get him to the position he’s in now.

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