Has McCain’s Fate Been Sealed?

Obama and McCain race for the White House
Obama and McCain race for the White House

The second of three presidential debates is coming up Tuesday evening and it’s becoming quite apparent that John McCain needs to make a dent to regain some ground before the next four weeks are up.  If you are paying attention to polls, Barack Obama is leading in national polls as well as individual state electoral polls. 

While most states are essentially decided, whether it be for republican or democrats, others remain a toss up.  For example, states like California, Illinois, and most of  New England are traditionally democratic strongholds.  But on the other side, states such as Texas, Arizona and many southern states normally vote republican.  If you look at the last election, if everything remained the same then McCain would have to win all the states that George Bush won and all the states that are leaning republican.  As this election season moves along, some of those states are becoming more of a toss up.  Some of the states Bush won are now up for grabs. 

Florida, Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, Nevada, and the list goes on.  Those states were won by republicans in the last election, but if they are not held by that party this time around we’re likely to have Barack Obama as the next president.  And it’s not like he’ll have to win a good lot of those states to win. He’ll probably only have to win only one of them to turn the tide his way.

As the window of the campaign closes, we’ll begin to see the presidential and vice-presidential candidates do everything they can do convince everyone they possibly can that their brand of leadership is the brand of choice.  Lately we’ve had McCain and Palin more on the offensive attack and bringing up questions of judgement, past, relationships, and even questions on personality.  We haven’t seen the Obama campaign in such a mode, but more on the defensive and relying on the fact that the polls speak for themselves.

Not for nothin’, but this debate is crucial for the McCain campaign.  If the best they can do is tie the previous two, then it shows that he has gained no ground and in fact has been losing.  So it’s apparent that if loses the debate, he loses votes; if he ties, he loses votes.  He has to win this one without a doubt or else things will not get any better for his campaign.  And if they don’t, he will lose this election.

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