Casey Anthony Indicted For Murder


Casey Anthony indicted on capital charges
Casey Anthony indicted on capital charges

Casey Anthony has been indicted on seven counts involving the death of her daughter Caylee Anthony.  The grand jury handed down the indictment and came up with seven counts that Casey Anthony will be charged with, to include murder, manslaughter, and child abuse.  Casey Anthony is now in custody.

After much controversy of the meeting of the grand jury was leaked, Anthony’s lawyer Jose Baez earlier addressed concerns he felt in a press conference held earlier Tuesday afternoon with his client Casey Anthony standing next to him.  He discussed negative resentment he had about the meeting of the grand jury being leaked.  “(The grand jury) is secret for various reasons.  One, you don’t want it to compromise the integrity of the grand jury.  Two, you certainly don’t want any targets of the grand jury be aware and three you don’t want to have to possibly taint those opinions of the grand jurors,” Baez said in the statement.  He even went as far as to give some explanation that it could have been politically motivated with the state attorney Lawson Lamar facing upcoming re-election.

The grand jury reach the decision on indictment shortly before 4pm and state attorney Lamar presented it before the judge.  The charge, being a capital offense, he asked for no bond which the judge granted.  The exact charge and the named defendant remained sealed until the defendant was taken into custody. 

Now it is in fact Casey Anthony who is facing several charges, that if found guilty, could get the death penalty.  One count of first-degree murder, says that Casey Anthony with premeditated designed did kill Caylee Anthony.  A second count of child abuse, says Casey caused great bodily harm, intentionally inflicting injury to Caylee Anthony.  Count three of aggravated manslaughter says that she willfully or by culpable negligence, failed to provide Caylee Anthony the proper care or supervision to protect her from abuse, neglect, or exploitation and in doing so caused the death of Caylee Anthony.  The other four counts involve Casey giving false information to Orange County detectives.

Not for nothin’, but it’s quite apparent that the Orange County States Attorney’s Office is covering all basis.  There was some speculation on if she were to be charged for murder, to what degree would it be?  There was also a chance of being charged with manslaughter.  They could not do one and then go back and do the other.  What awaits us now is the evidence that would lead them to believe that they will be able to come out of this with a conviction.  This case isn’t coming to a conclusion any time soon, there’s still much to be developed.

11 thoughts on “Casey Anthony Indicted For Murder

  1. She killed that precious little girl whether by accident or not and I just pray they find her body. Reminds me of the Susan Smith case several years ago who drown her two boys by leaving them in their carseats and drove the car into the lake. I always thought Susan killed her boys because she was NOT distraught enough for someone who had just had her kids “kidnapped” and I feel the same about Casey. ANY MOTHER who truly LOVES her kid(s) would be so distraught over them missing that they could not function rationally and Casey has NEVER re-acted that way. My kids are grown and if ANYTHING happened to them even as adults I’d have to be sedated because I’d be too upset to deal with it. My son was stabbed 7 times and nearly died a year ago and it nearly put ME in the hospital! I pray that Casey admits to what Caylee is so that she can be laid to rest properly and NOT just in a shallow grave somewhere.

  2. I think this is terrible that they would rush to judge this girl. Why don’t they wait until they find Caylee. My goodness everything is all over I don’t see how Casey can even get a fair trial. EVERYONE HAS RUSHED TO JUDGE CASEY. YES, SHE HAS LIED TO THE SHERIFF’S DEPT. BUT WE DON”T KNOW WHAT SHE HAS TOLD HER ATTORNEY. I do believe this is a POLITAL STUNT. I worked in the JUSTICE SYSTEM for the COURT HOUSE and your all a bunch of crooked s– of a b—–s.

  3. Rush to Judgement? You are kidding right? Tell us all-when was the last time your car smelled of a decomposing body that all your relatives noticed?-When was the last time you were net surfing chloroform and missing kids networks?
    Forget the “scientific” part, just think clearly for a moment, read the transcripts from her own father and brother. Think clearly what you would do if if it was your child that was gone. She is a sociopathic narcissist. Its nice to see her cry for once.
    Last thing, her mother should be charged with obstruction- its one thing to be in “denial” its another thing to hinder investigations. Put the pieces and Lies together-there is only one conclusion that makes any sense.

  4. Rush to judgement????????? Even if one of her many stories were true her child wass missing for a month and never reported her missing? Shows you what a caring breeder she is. I say breeder because you can’t call her a mother or mom.This lying POS should get the chair.

  5. I believe the “rush to judgement” Teresa Cassanova speaks on is how they are indicting her on a murder charge. None of the evidence presented thus far supports that a murder charge will hold up. Unless there is something more they are not saying, then I doubt it will. All the other charges, could go further without much more evidence. But people should look exact at what a murder charge, or more specifically a first degree murder charge is. Then ask yourself if there’s enough evidence to support that.

  6. Jason, thanks for clarifying the charges a bit. I was wondering what overwhelming evidence would make them pick murder 1 over voluntary manslaughter or homicide or something that would cover an accidental death…
    Now I understand that they have, as you say, covered all the bases,,,

    For Teresa: Go back and listen to the police interviews with Casey, if you want a bit more perspective. They gave her several chances to admit to her lies and come clean, they wanted to help her, and most important; they wanted to find Caylee. She refused to help them do their job. She refused to help herself out of a bad situation. And most of all, she refused to help find Caylee.

    After that, what choice did anyone have but to think she was guilty?

  7. It’s about time!!!!!!!!! This has been going on long enough. She thought she could lie her way out of this and now she is gonna pay the price. I feel
    awful for that baby and for her parents that
    raised her since SHE was a baby.

  8. Thanks for the comment trensota!

    It is important to understand that Casey Anthony is facing two homicide charges. Homicide covers both murder and manslaughter. Murder is usually premeditated and intentional. Manslaughter on the other hand could be a range of something lesser such as accidental homicide. It isn’t uncommon for a grand jury to come up and indict someone on murder, just for the state attorney (district attorney or commonwealth attorney) to reduce it to manslaughter whether through a plea deal or not.

    Orange County sheriffs office would have to have presented substantial evidence to the states attorney office, something to the affect that would show Casey Anthony intentionally wanted to kill her daughter and did so with malice in order for a murder charge to stick.

  9. Casey Anthony is lying, scheming, worthless, low-life trash, of a sort that one sees every day in suburban Florida and California cities. She is a vapid, vain and soulless young woman who lived for partying and sex, she has never given a damn about anyone or anything but herself, and the people in her life have merely enabled her sociopathic and psychopatic tendencies.

    Well now the trash is headed for the can, and hopefully it will be disposed of in a suitable manner. Let’s see how many ‘hot body’ contests you win on death row, Casey.

  10. A 2 1/2 year old child takes a lot of work, effort and money to raise. Money that could be spent on party clothes, drinks and vacation trips. This child was in the way and unwanted. As long as she was living with her parents Casey didn’t have to really be a real mom. Others were always around to pick up the slack. Once her parents wanted Casey to start acting like a grownup is when the problems started. She might of had to actually get a job and start paying bills like the rest of us. I bet that ticked Casey off. There is no way she would let her mother Cindy have this baby. She would not give her the satisfaction. In her mind she might be blaming Cindy was trying to make her grow up. This might be why Cindy feels guilty so she can’t let herself accept the truth.
    Not only that but Caylee was getting old enough to tell people the truth if “mommy” wanted to tell people a lie. If Casey said to someone “I was at work all day and Casey was at the “nanny’s”, the child could say “mommy was sleeping all day”. It is hard to be a lier when you have little ones who tell the truth.
    Are there really people out there that believe that Casey didn’t do something wrong????? If my dog was lost I would care more than this woman cares about her little child. It makes me sick.
    Was Casey getting aid money to raise her daughter? If she was she wouldn’t want any one to know that Caylee had disappeared because then she wouldn’t get any more money.
    DId Casey give a description to the police saying what the “nanny” looked like, or the “nanny’s” sister looked like? How did she say that she paid the “nanny”? Stolen checks or I suppose cash? How did Casey earn this “nanny money”, or did the “nanny” just always watch her for free? When and what jobs did she really have? I would like to see a list of jobs that she actually received money for and worked for. How long did she work a job. Why did she leave. Was she fired, and if so why?
    Don’t rush to judge her? If Cindy had not called the police, how long would this have gone on? How long before she ever told anyone that her daughter was missing? Would she ever have told anyone, or would poor little Caylee forever to be talked about as being with “the nanny”. That might be hard to explain at Christmas time or on Caylee’s birthday. Casey ran out of time, she didn’t get her excuses down because she was busy partying. She might have come up with better lies, if she would have only put just a little more effort into it.
    I don’t think Casey will ever tell the truth. I don’t know if they will ever find the body. Cindy knows her daughter is a lier. I just wonder, does Cindy ever ask herself the questions the rest of us wonder about. Did little Caylee ever talk about “the nanny” to anyone???? DId little Caylee ever tell grandma about “the nanny”. I love also how Casey has “a nanny” to watch her child not a “babysitter”. Pretty high class talk from a woman living with her parents.
    I am also so tired of the pictures showing smiling Casey with Caylee, and people talking about how loving Casey was to her daughter. I lived in a nice middle class house like this. I can tell you that behind closed doors it was a whole different story. We always kept up appearances. I hid the beatings until I ran away as a teenager when I could no longer take it. My family knew my mother was nuts just like Casey they just didn’t want to deal with it. Well good luck to Cindy, when I was no longer around and my grandmother got old, my mother then started abusing my grandmother. If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it’s a duck. If you have ever liked with an abuser, you can spot and abuser. Just look at the facts and listen to the lies.

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