Who Is Joe The Plumber?

Who is Joe the Plumber?
Who is Joe the Plumber?

Who is Joe the Plumber, but then again, who cares?  Apparently John McCain and Barack Obama cared enough to bring his name and his story to the forefront of their presidential debate held Wednesday evening in Hempstead, New York.  Joe the Plumber was used as a tool between the two presidential candidates to help further establish their positions and their platforms concerning several issues, but primarily on taxes.  Is it possible they spent too much time on that one American citizen Joe the Plumber and not everyone else? 

Joe the Plumber, not to be confused with Joe Six-Pack, is an actual real person and not a mythical typical American citizen that you may see in the next McCain attack ad.  Joe Wurzelbacher is an Ohio plumber looking to buy the business that he has been employed by for several years.  Sunday, at a campaign event, Joe the Plumber told Barack Obama in a one-on-one exchange that his tax plan would keep him from buying his business.  Obama went more in-depth with this stance and after the two talked for a couple minutes, Joe said, “Oh yeah, I understand that.” 

In the debate Wednesday, Joe and his story quickly came to symbolize the middle class.  But what about the rest of the middle class?  What about Sara the Social Worker who wants to buy a house in March, but is afraid that under a McCain presidency she may not be able to?  What about Derrick the College Student who wants to make it through college, but doesn’t want to be $50,000 in debt because of it?  What about Kevin the Coffee Shop Owner who is worried about losing his business next year because he can’t get the loans and funds to operate? 

Not for nothin’, but do you see the point?  We can put a face to every issue that the two differ on, but that still doesn’t solve the issue.  Senator McCain made an attempt after bringing up Joe the Plumber to take that time to politic for his vote, but it got dragged on way too far.  It got kind of pitful.  I’m sure Joe the Plumber thought it was amusing, but Jason the Blogger started to fall asleep.

3 thoughts on “Who Is Joe The Plumber?

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