Someone Admit Caylee Is Dead?

Caseys defense slips up
Casey's defense slips up

Todd Black is the spokesman for the defense team representing the mother of missing, but recently declared deceased toddler Caylee Anthony.  Representing the Baez Law Firm, Black did an over the telephone interview with CNN Headline News where he mentions in a bit of a rant, that (Casey Anthony’s defense team) are dealing with “loss of the life of a little girl.”  Just hours after the interview, various news organizations took what he said in that interview, used it to run they’re daily “Search For Caylee” update in their evening news.

Some Internet publications and television news stations took the statement in the interview that he implied that Caylee Anthony was dead.  Of course, Black is the spokesman for the law firm, so naturally that would lead them to say that Caylee’s mother Casey Anthony and her lawyer Jose Baez are now admitting to the death of the toddler. 

The assumption began to spread, and it would take the law firm almost a full day to respond, but until that time the public was left to speculate.  The next morning we found out that almost immediately after the interview, Casey Anthony was visited in jail by her attorney Jose Baez.  Not saying that they were addressing this incident, but we can only assume it was brought up. 

And then on to today, Todd Black released another statement to the media.  The release states that he wanted to thank the respected news agencies who understood the misuse of the CNN interview.  He went on to say the interview was, “delayed telephone interview, along with deceptive editing to PURPOSELY MISLEAD the public.”  In a previous attempt to address the interview, Jose Baez said that the statement was taken out of context and edited.

Not for nothin’, but this isn’t surprising me one bit.  I have spoke with Todd Black on a couple of occasions.  It’s quite unfortunate that this is blowing up in their faces like this, but having Black head up the public relations team is disastrous.  He is not the most professional person, nor personable persons you’ll meet.  I cannot vouch for the legitimacy of his organization Press Corps.  They seem quite aloof and this latest incident proves as much.  With the Baez Law Firm picking him tells us a lot.

Click here to see Black’s faxed press release.

6 thoughts on “Someone Admit Caylee Is Dead?

  1. Casey, you need to let the athorities bring caylee home, right now she is rotting in the dirt, she is cold and dirty with maggots eating at her flesh. please, let her come home and be given a proper berrial. any decent mother would do this. you say you loved her…then bring her home.

  2. To say Black is not that professional explains a lot,Baez has to be one of the most unprofessional attorneys I have ever seen.His manner of speech, the way he carries himself in the court room,soooo unprofessional,not to the way he handles his client in public,arm around the neck and mouth pressed in her neck and ear.Then there is the 6hrs. a day 5days a week,who the hell has ever heard of that?? Maybe he will be able to concentrate on the case and how to act and speak now that she’s back in jail!!!

  3. I’d like to know what happened to the photo of Zenaida that Jose said he had found 2 weeks ago? he said his team of investigators was in the process of bringing it back to Florida. So where is it?

  4. Mand, wow I so agree with you! RIGHT ON!!!!!! Baez really pisses me off by insulting my intelligence with his comments, I am a grown ass woman with a brain dog. This is not Cindy Anthony you are talking to, I know the difference between a lie and the truth, these people need to get a grip, I always wonder when they are on TV making up their ridiculous stories if they go home and tell each other well I think I convinced everyone, somebody needs to let her in on reality, NO ONE IS CONVINCED, especially the cops, for example Casey is where right now? Thats right Cindy Casey is in jail because you and Jose are the only one falling for her crap, and Jose is getting paid for it, and you lost yor granddaughter for letting it go on as long as you did.

  5. Jose Baez has the same smirk look as George Bush. He is so unprofessional acting, like he is star struck! If he had a heart, he would have baby killer, Casey, tell where the body is. He is always smiling with his lips closed, and does not look concerned whatsoever about Caylee.

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