“Joe”: The Ultimate Swing Voter

Joe the Swing Voter
Joe the Swing Voter

In Election 2008 final debate Wednesday evening, one person was brought up over two dozen times.  So now we all have heard of Joe the Plumber.  John McCain and his campaign have even been bringing his name up in campaign events since then, effectively courting his vote.  But there was another Joe who has been previously mentioned in this election season, and his name is Joe Six-Pack.  Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin has brought him up saying, “It’s time that normal Joe Six-pack American is finally represented in the position of the vice presidency.”

So now between Joe the Plumber and Joe Six-pack becoming prominent talking points between our political candidates, “Joe” seems to be the ultimate swing voter in this years election.  Everyone, including the presidential candidates, are seeking to find out more about “Joe” and more importantly, who is “Joe” voting for?

Well in the ensuing 15 minutes of fame that Joe the Plumber received after having his named mentioned 26 times in the final presidential debate, many facts began to emerge about Joe the Plumber.  Joe, was questioning Sen. Obama on taxes, but come to find out Joe himself hasn’t paid his taxes yet.  He admitted that he wanted to catch Sen. Obama off guard, but as its looking, Obama’s tax plan would likely work best for him, his income and any intention he had of buy his plumbing business.  And then we also find out that Joe the Plumber isn’t a plumber because he isn’t licenced in the state of Ohio.  Nonetheless, Joe the Plumber and his story was brought up in the debate representing the authentic working-class voter.  But how authentic is he?  Perhaps McCain could have done a better vetting job when bringing him up. 

The other represented voter of this years election, Joe Six-pack, has actually drawn comparison to Governor Sarah Palin herself.  Joe Six-pack, could be defined as the stereotype of a six-pack of beer being the workingman’s drink of choice.  Well this would-be working man is a statistical far cry from Governor Palin.  Palin, a 44-year-old woman, makes $125,000 a year.  Her husband owns a commercial fishing business gaining close to another $100,000 more in family income.  The two have five children and they live in a beautiful half-million dollar lakefront house.  Palin attended several colleges and graduated with a degree in journalism and eventually worked her way up to Governor of the state of Alaska.  Joe Six-pack, or average or middle/working class American, is usually a man about 25 years of age, married with no kids, no college degree, white collar office job making roughly $32,000 a year and lives (probably not own) in a suburban dwelling.  Even though she tends to bring up the catch-phrase, “Well you know Joe,” it doesn’t seem that she “knows Joe”.  It’s hard to believe she’s in touch with Joe Six-pack, Joe Combo-meal, or even Joe the Plumber.

Not for nothin’, but why is the McCain campaign specifically, making such a big deal over “Joe”?  There isn’t much evidence to suggest that they represent “Joe” or even know who he is.  But yet, these two Joe’s are being paraded around as the new GOP mascots.  Well if we learned anything for our sporting rooting interest, we know mascots are always easy to make fun of.  Way to go Joe.

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