On The Fence…The Undecided

Winner could be decided by a coin toss
Winner could be decided by a coin toss

The 2008 Major League Baseball World Series match-up has been decided.  The first team, is one team that has been there before.  They are the more established team with a long and documented history in professional sports.  They are the Philadelphia Phillies, this year’s National League champs.  The other team, isn’t as established.  The Tampa Bay Rays are one of the newest teams in the MLB, but they are definitely one of the best, as proven with their victory over the Boston Red Sox making their way to their first World Series appearance.  So now that you have your two teams, who do you root for?

Well the Philadelphia Phillies have been one of the best teams in the league over the past few years.  Of the last five years they have been either first or second in the NL East, the have previously won multiple National League pennants and their last win in the World Series came 18 years before the Rays became a team in 1998.  The Rays, who have previously never recorded a winning season over the past decade, but they had a significant turn around this year.  They are easily one of the best teams in the league, likely the hotest team in the league, and because they’re relatively young they could go on to have a great run over the next few years.

But here’s the thing, the World Series is upon us.  Who do you want to win?  Do you care either way?  Or maybe you don’t watch baseball and a winner has no impact on you.  Well, what if it did?  What if whoever won the match-up made decisions that would impact you and your well being on a daily basis?  I bet you’d have a rooting interest then.  The minute you realized the importance you’ll likely done the research, picked one, and done everything you can to make sure your side wins.

Everyone has their reasons why they are rooting for whoever they root for.  They’re from the same city, from the same state, same part of country, the team is in the same affiliated league as your team.  Or maybe you just can’t stand the other team, or the other side for that matter.  Maybe you’re a fan of the team colors or the way the players look.  There could be one of a hundred reasons why you support one over another one, but the important thing is that you did.

Not for nothin’, if you haven’t realized it already, I stopped talking about baseball after the second paragraph.  I am directly relating the match in the World Series to the match for our presidency.  You can even compare the two teams the Phillies and the Rays to the candidates McCain and Obama (respectively).  But how can the 5%-12% of our country be undecided after two years of campaigning.  This small but powerful group, that’s usually focused on by many, can get more powerful because a greater number could be persuaded one way or another.  But it’s past decision time.  You’re not going to go to baseball’s World Series and not root for either team.  You are at the World Series of Politics, now you have to choose a side.  Not to put any pressure on, but we’re just days out…the pressure is already on.

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