Say Anthing To Win

Joe The Plumber Tour
Joe The Plumber Tour

John McCain and the McCain campaign made their way to Florida yet again on Thursday, this time blazing a trail along Interstate 4 from the Atlantic coast to the Gulf coast.  The Straight Talk Express arrived in Ormond Beach about 9am Thursday morning and the senator got out and spoke to a rousing crowd in part of his “Joe The Plumber Keep Your Wealth” Tour.

In this speeches throughout the day the republican candidate spoke with a sense of urgency.  McCain recently has been criticizing the tax plan of Sen. Barack Obama.  McCain said that Obama added a work requirement to his proposal so that 10 percent could get universal mortgage credit.  That was in a response the the charge of Obama’s plan being seen as “welfare” as the McCain campaign has been putting it lately.  In the stump speech he said the American people had learned the truth about it and they didn’t like it.  McCain ended the statement saying, “It’s another example that he’ll say anything to get elected.”

Well right or wrong the strategy of “saying anything to get elected” seems to be working for Sen. Obama.  The McCain campaign is spending a lot of time and money in Florida, primarily because there’s a legitimate fear that the state could be voting for a democrat for president this year.  More and more polls are showing Obama with a slim lead in the state, a state that McCain is counting on.  So the vote rich state remains a focus to both parties, not just the republicans.  But if there is any part of the state that could be swayed back and forth, it’ll be the Central Florida region that has seen both presidential candidates in a matter of a few days. 

Not for nothin’, but if saying anything to get elected gives you a  12-point lead, than maybe McCain should start making things up.  McCain has actually been saying a lot lately, not sure if it qualifies for anything.  But there’s an argument that both candidates are saying anythingto win.  Is Obama leading because people aren’t believing anything McCain is saying?


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