Did She Cross The Line?

It’s been called unprofessional, biased, partisan, embarrassing, and a host of other comments, but no other interview in Barbara West’s over 20 years as a journalist garnered so much attention than her interview with vice-presidential candidate Sen. Joe Biden.  Of course being in a presidential campaign, many interviews would get their due amount of attention.  From a local angle, getting a one-on-one interview with a vice-presidential candidate would get many views locally, but the way Barbara West conducted her interview with Biden did not sit well with many, specifically the democratic party. 

Getting much play from national media networks like Fox News and CNN and even more from the You Tube version that has been playing over the past couple of days this story has taken a controversial turn.  Still sticking to the line that she was seeking to get answers that people on the street want to know, much focus, of several pointed and perhaps controversial questions, was put on the line of questioning about Obama wanting comment of “spreading the wealth around.”

In the interview, West quoted Karl Marx and asked Biden, “How is Sen. Obama not being a Marxist if he intends to spread the wealth around?”  Naturally being suprised and taken aback, Biden responded, “Is this a joke?”  Other questions in that fashion had Biden questioning who was writing her questions.  The result of the interview had gotten future one-on-one interviews for the station pulled by the Obama campaign. 

Other facts that lead people to believe negative intent by West are that her husband was a republican strategist and contributed money to campaigns in the past and that Barbara West herself is a registered republican.  WFTV, the station she works for, is by far Central Florida’s leading television news station, partly due to longtime viewership over several years by the local public.  Feedback to her and the station has generally been positive, but feedback through other media outlets have not been as forgiving.

Not for nothin’, but it seems kind of suspect that a second interview with Sen. McCain after the Biden interview was called.  It was like a “do over” interview, a second chance for her to appear as hard hitting and unbias as she say she is.  She effectively linked anyone with a liberal belief on taxes to Karl Marx.  May or may not have been her intention, but it’s starting to come across that way.  Maybe she should be the focus of as hard hitting questions about where she stands, but her integrity and bias is already called into question. 


4 thoughts on “Did She Cross The Line?

  1. Jason, Good post. But I’d say that her integrity and bias is already beyond question — there’s no doubting that she’s a Republican shill. I saw on Larry King that she tries to disguise Republican talking points as “what I think a lot of people who are talking to me out on the street”, just like Hannity.

    If she asked that unconscionably stupid question on TV here in NZ, she’d probably have to leave the country for the shame of it. Does nobody in Florida understand what Marxism is? Couldn’t they go and get a professor to comment on this innanity?

  2. Jafapete; comment and kudos too Sen. Joe Biden!
    Maybe her and Joe the Plummer need to get together on there questions…!

  3. You’re right Bev, that was a great comment by jafapete. I would have to believe that she had an agenda and it was a loaded question. I don’t know if I’m asking the wrong people, but many people I work with (an opposing news station in the same market as her) say she definitely crossed the line.

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