The 600 Million Dollar Man

Obama Campaign Financing
Obama Campaign Financing

Barack Obama has indeed broke new ground when it comes to political campaigning.  When it comes to campaign financing, Sen. Barack Obama has far exceeded his opponent Sen. John McCain.  Since the beginning of September, Barack Obama has raised $186 million to bring his total to over $600 million.  Some, including John McCain are saying that the democratic nominee lied or went back on his word when it comes to campaign financing.  Last year, Sen. Obama did say that he was going to take public financing, effectively putting a cap on the amount of money he’ll be able to raise during the campaign.  It’s been quite obvious that Obama has since turned down the $84 million of government funding and is free to raise and spend as much as he wants.

It’s shown in the way that he has been reported in spending his money.  Outspending John McCain by wide margins.  In many battleground states he has at the very least doubled, usually tripled the amount spent for television ads.  But one specific ad comes to mind when talking about television.  On Wednesday night Barack Obama has bought airtime on five different networks, to run a half-hour television advertisement.  Major networks will air the “infomercial” in its entirety.  Of course the McCain campaign put up a fight, but ultimately the cannot stop television stations from putting what they want on air.  So when Fox said they wanted to delay the World Series to play the ad, it did not sit well with the republican party.

But being the first candidate to not take public financing in the general election since the program started back in the 1970s, naturally would come with some commentary.  Its almost like the chicken and the egg argument.  Was Obama campaign so phenomenal in fundraising that it was able to gain so much money because he’s not taking public financing?  Or is this public financing system a handicap on political fundraisng?  If McCain didn’t take public financing, would he have been able to raise as much?

Well the McCain campaign doesn’t like it and they don’t have to.  Barack Obama has more than enough money to spend it in any way that’ll ensure him to get elected.  He has enough money to put millions of eyes in a television primetime slot (when most people watch television) on him a week before the election.  Some of those millions may be the undecided, and this move may put them over the top.

Not for nothin’, I don’t know who is in charge of the fundraising in the Obama campaign, but I doubt they’ll have a problem finding a job ever again.  And as far as McCain’s problems with Obama’s fundraising or changing his mind on public financing, why shouldn’t he?  If he saw that he could get more money the other way, then there shouldn’t be a problem with it.  It’s like Steve Spurrier philosophy on running up the score in college football.  If you don’t like it stop him, or score more.

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