The Day After

Election day nears
Election day nears

On Tuesday when the ballots are counted and America has elected our new president of the United States, for many of us this will be a joyous occasion as history has been made and our team has made it in there!  But on the other hand, there will also be those people who dread the thought of an opposite outcome than the one they want.  With the intensity this election season has brought us, we can say one thing for sure, and that’s nearly half of America will not be happy with who our new president-elect is, but for at least for the next four years we’re going to be forced to deal with it somehow.

It’s a fact that we have to mentally prepare ourselves for.  Sen. Barack Obama has a lead in the polls, but there’s a chance that his lead will not last and we’ll have our winner being Sen. John McCain.  Are Barack Obama supporters ready for that?  Well if everything plays out like it looks like it will then our new president will be Barack Obama.  Are John McCain supporters ready for that?  The day after and the upcoming weeks, months, and years will give us the answer.

If the expectations stay the way they are, Obama wins and McCain supporters get disappointed.  For the past two months polls have shown McCain behind and lately there has been no sign that he would come back and win.  So some analyst and strategist have all but predicted a GOP loss.  Even radio commentators have been picturing a post-Obama win America.  They complain, worry, and fear that his plans and platforms will not work out.

On the other hand, lets assume that polls have been inaccurate, or by some slight miracle John McCain fights his way back and on election night democrats will have a big disappointment on their hands.  Comedian Chris Rock joked that if Obama loses then the Wednesday after Election Day if there’s any activity that involves black people, then it’s not going to get done.  Also an Italian author wrote about a second civil war breaking out.  Not to mention the dozens of actors, actresses, and celebrities who are threatening to move to Canada.  Such threats were made in 2000 and 2004 but actual statistic show that they didn’t materialize and were just a threat.  But also in the threat department the threat of violence is another real thought.  It may not be peaceful in many urban areas if Obama doesn’t win.  Actually he doesn’t have to win for unruly crowds to take the streets.

Not for nothin’, either way this turns our country will need some serious repairing to get people working together again.  One person is going to win and one will loose.  Its just how the other side will take it.  Or actually you can say how well the other side will take it. 


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