Obama’s Grandmother Dies

Obama and his Dunham grandparents
Obama and his Dunham grandparents

Senator Barack Obama’s grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, passed late Sunday night.  She died surrounded by family at her Hawaiian home after a long battle with cancer.  Obama and his sister, Maya Soetora-Ng, released the news during the day on Monday.  Dunham was 86-years-old.

Obama and his sister released a joint statement saying, “She was the cornerstone of our family, and a woman of extraordinary accomplishment, strength, and humility.”  It continued, “She was the person who encouraged and allowed us to take chances.  She was proud of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren and left this world with the knowledge that her impact on all of us was meaningful and enduring.  Our debt to her is beyond measure.”

Barack Obama took two different trips off the campaign trail to go visit his grandmother in Hawaii.  The first taking his family there in August, but the latest one was in the midst of the season just about two weeks before election day to go visit her to spend the day with her after her health deteriorated after suffering a broken hip.

The timing of her death was quite tragic and sad as it came just hours before she could have seen her grandson elected President of the United States of America. 

Not for nothin’, but while the death of Obama’s grandmother Madelyn is quite sad, she’s not the only person that would have love to have lived to see this day.  This groundbreaking election is something many people fought and died for.  It wasn’t that long ago that blacks and women weren’t even able to vote and now we’re on the verge of having one as president or vice-president.  Now Madelyn Dunham sits in the presents of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., John F. Kennedy, Rosa Parks, Susan B. Anthony, and countless others who lived to help make our nations historic day on Tuesday possible.


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