Obama And The Historic Race

Obama wins presidency
Obama wins presidency

With 349 electoral votes, 53 percent of the popular vote, and over 63 million people have said they want Barack Obama to be our next president of the United States of America.  I’m sure many of us see this as what it is, that our country has come so far from the struggles we’ve seen through racial relations that we elected an African-American as president.  But yet others, cannot fully appreciate what this means.  To many it shows that we have crossed many bridges to see this day.  Other see this as the realization of a lot of pain, work, efforts to get a culture of people recognized as who we are and not second-class citizens.  President-elect Obama wanted change, people elected him for a change in Washington, and hopefully he’ll make a change.  But this represents more than just a change in politics. 

Because of what this election represents, it captured America, it moved people, it made people talk, it made history.  John F. Kennedy, being the first catholic elected president got a lot of attention, but Barack Obama being the first African-American elected president is likely the most talked about president-elected since our founding fathers started talking about electing presidents and is among the single greatest days in our nation’s history.

Will this help with race relations in America?  Race is still an issue that divides many Americans.  The issues we have has brought out the very worst in our country with the hate and violence it has spurred, but has also brought out the very best in our country with the heroic efforts of hundreds of people during the struggles of the civil rights movement.  America electing an African-American as its president is symbolic in the least as far as race relations.  A move like this made the whole civil rights movement our country has been through worth it.  It’s easy to say that the Atlantic Slave Trade of the 17th and 18th centuries ruined race relations in America.  Unfortunately it may hard to get away from and it could be with us for a while.  As long as there are people that hate and discriminate on the account of race our problems will not be resolved.  But in the history of this country it was almost impossible for a black man to be looked and judged from the content of his character as opposed to the color of his skin, but Tuesday evening we saw that it is possible for hundreds of millions of Americans to do that. 

Now it is very important that Barack Obama is not looked upon as the first black president, but as a president who is black.  After the previous administration we as a people have a lot to rebuild again.  Because of that, the expectations may be high but you better believe we’ll be getting a different version of what we’re used to.  

Not for nothin’, but today starts the re-election campaign.  Yes we can, yes we did, and yes we’ll have to do it again.

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