Sarah Palin’s Post Election Criticism

Palin gets and gives criticism
Palin gets and gives criticism

Just days after the campaign lost to now President-elect Barack Obama, Governor Sarah Palin is still managing to find herself in the headlines.  Strong words have allegedly come from her former campaign, and Palin has shown that she can give it just as good as she’s been getting it.  Some of the comments that were on Palin not knowing some basic knowledge that an executive in her position should know and a possible accusation that she asked for the expensive wardrobe that’s been so highly criticized.  Palin responded by calling the attacks cruel and cowardly amongst other things.

The stories are being attributed to unidentified aides with the McCain campaign.  The comments include claims that Palin thought Africa was a country as opposed to a continent and that she could not name the countries that are part of the North American Free Trade Agreement.  Naturally, Palin is saying that those allegations are not true.  She says that Africa and NAFTA did come up during her preparation for the vice-presidential debate, but says the claims were taken out of context.   She said, “It’s mean-spirited.  It’s immature.  It’s unprofessional and those guys are jerks if they came away with it, taking things out of context, and then tried to spread something on national news.”

Also, reports on Palin’s expensive wardrobe during the campaign resurfaced as well.  The were charges that she spent excessive amount, well into the tens of thousands of dollars at high-end stores, for her wardrobe for her and her family.  The governor insist that she never asked for the expensive wardrobe that was bought for her and the only thing that she did ask for was a Diet soda every once in a while.

Not for nothin’, but these McCain aides are just admitting to what many people already suspected.  Many Palin critics would not believe these stories to be far fetched.  But either way, the election is over, the republican ticket has lost, but their vice-presidential nominee still gets a lot of national attention, more so than their presidential nominee McCain.  If it continues, she may have to make a run in 2012 on the platform of hype.  Many argue that’s how Barack Obama rose to fame and eventually made it as our next president.  You can not believe the hype if you want, but you definitely shouldn’t under estimate it either.


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