Alive Or Not, Search For Caylee Continues

The Search for Caylee
The Search for Caylee

The date January 5, 2009 is the day set aside when the trial of Casey Anthony, mother of missing toddler Caylee Anthony, is set to begin.  There they will attempt to prove whether or not she is responsible for the death of her 3-year-old daughter.  Well if the fate of Casey Anthony is to be decided then, will there be a solution anytime soon on the mystery of where is Caylee Anthony?  Even as new search efforts are renewed, and old ones continue, there are still many unanswered questions.

For the first time in several weeks a group headed by Texas Equusearch have returned to Central Florida to conduct a massive ground search for missing Caylee Anthony.  But they aren’t the only ones that are looking for Caylee Anthhony.  The child’s grandparents and the Kid Finder Network are conducting a different search of sorts.  While the two different search efforts essentially have the same goal of finding Caylee Anthony, there’s a difference of opinion on whether the child is alive or dead.  Texas Equusearch has previously said they are not acting under the assumption that the child is alive.  In fact that’s part of the reason why there’s a rift between the search group and the grandparents George and Cindy.  The Anthony’s are behind their daughter and want to continue a “live” search for Caylee.  But they have eventually come to find even ground with Texas Equusearch and called a truce, agreeing to disagree on the significant detail on how Caylee will be found, alive or dead.

The “tale of two searches” gets more confusing once you factor in someone who actually represents the interest of both parties.  Orlando attorney Mark NeJame represents George and Cindy Anthony.  But Friday evening, NeJame hosted a meeting for Texas Equusearch and search teams in a nightclub that he’s co-owner of.  Some word had previously came out that NeJame may have been off the case, but that isn’t true.  He spoke with a local news station and said that he has agreed to represent the Anthony’s as long as there are no restrictions on how he goes about using his resources to find Caylee.

Not for nothin’, but as it turns out the Anthony’s did not get a big showing of volunteers in their search for Caylee.  It’s quite an unfortunate turn of events in seeing how most people believe the direction of this story has turned. 


5 thoughts on “Alive Or Not, Search For Caylee Continues


    I’m only a small child, not much do I know.
    But God holds my hand as I look down below.
    I’m here with the Father in the most glorious place
    yet I can’t feel much joy when I see your sad face.

    Your heart has been broken, I can see from up here
    as you struggle along and you wipe every tear.
    If only I had words I could send you today
    that would tell you I’m home and I’m really okay.

    Heaven is so beautiful with sparkles and white wings
    and the angels are teaching me so many things.
    I’ll grow and mature in this Heavenly land
    while holding on tightly to the Father’s soft hand.

    So don’t grieve for me now, but find peace in your soul,
    and know God has finally made your little one whole.
    And even if you can’t seem to understand “why”,
    please know in your heart that our love didn’t die.

    He tells me that just for a time we must wait
    and then I can meet you at Heaven’s front gate!
    So for now, know I love you in my own special way
    and we will meet again on that glorious day!

    by Ferna Lary

  2. That is the most beautiful poem, for a beautiful baby girl. God bless her, she is in a far better place than here on earth!!

  3. Light a candle for Caylee and Pray! Caylee deserves to be found and she deserves for her story to be told. Her family deserves the truth, that they may have closure and most of all peace to heal. We need the truth at some point, because we need to start paying attention to the world around us and when we see someone cracking and a child being put at risk, we need to do something. Reach out, call someone. There are way too many of these stories. Way too many children being put at risk, or killed. There are always warning signs. We have to open our eyes. God Bless Caylee! God Bless her family! God Bless the searchers!

  4. I learned through an email today that my poem, “Your Little Angel” is being sent throughout the web titled “Caylee’s Poem”. This is the poem I wrote, however it was not written for Caylee and it is protected under copyright laws, which means any and all reprints must have prior approval. I give my approval for you to leave the poem at this website providing you correct the title. Thank you.

  5. aww such a nice poem she is in a nice place and im so sad for her she almost makes me treat her like mii kids and i dont even kno her if she was mii little girl i would neva treat her and kill her she would be in comfort regardless of wat goes around and wat she does to get on mi nerves r.i.p baby girl

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