The Tale Of Two Presidents

Bush and Obama in Oval Office
Bush and Obama in Oval Office

President George W. Bush and President-Elect Barack Obama met Monday afternoon at the White House.  Bush and his wife Laura met with the future residents Obama and his wife Michelle as part of the transitioning of the president-elect to take his new position.  A White House spokesperson said that the current president described it to be relaxed and friendly amongst other things.  While the wives went off in other parts of the White House, the men made their way to the Oval Office where they were expecting to speak on a broad range of issues.  As it was just the two of them in the office, no aides at all were present, one could only imagine what the conversation was like.

For the past two years if Barack Obama has done anything, it was criticizing President Bush.  From his economic policies, to foreign issues, war, education, environment, etc.  You name it and Obama has likely opposed anything George W. Bush.  That’s primarily how he got elected.  Some argue that any credible democrat would have won over a republican in this election, as long as they followed in the same “Bush was wrong” campaign style.  And given President Bush’s approval rating over the past couple years, its not hard to believe.  This was just Obama’s time, particularly after running a good campaign.  Now he’ll be our president even though there are those who do not like it.  He can now take this country in any way he sees fit, which will likely be an opposite direction from his predecessor Bush.

First Families meets
First Families meets

George W. Bush on the other hand has been a “tale of two presidents” just himself since he was elected our 43rd President of the United States.  It unfortunate that it took the most severe terrorist attack in United States history to garner him the highest approval rating of any president.  But its even more unfortunate that since then and in his second term he has received the lowest approval rating of any president before him.  A colorful individual if anything, but even that is just one of the variety of reason why he’s criticized.  Critics comment on everything including civil liberties, his intellect, how he handled hurricane Katrina, and almost anything else under his leadership.  His relationship with the media wasn’t an easy one either.  To put it mildly, there isn’t a majority of people sad to see him leave office.

Not for thin’, this meeting really had the potential to become awkward, but hopefully it didn’t turn out that way.  Besides, Bush and Obama were alone for about an hour, who could stand that much awkwardness.  It’s hard to perceive how someone is without actually knowing them.  We only know of what we see of these two individuals when they’re in the public eye, so we know what they’d be like then.  Would it be reasonable to believe that they’d continue in that manner, even if in each others company?  Afterall both of them were in the eye of the ultimate public figure.


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