Am I Wrong Not to Support The Troops?

Dont support the war, but support our troops?
Don't support the war, but support our troops?

I ask this question not really knowing if I should or should not.  But would I be wrong if I did not support the U.S. troops while they are fighting in combat overseas?  If I did say that I do not support our troops, then I can imagine I’d hear a first response of “What!?  How could you say such a thing?”  Another response I could hear would be a simple, “Why?”  Well, I figured that if I said something as bold as ‘I do not support our troops’ then I’d probably will need a good enough reason to follow on why I do not.

First of all, we all know what country we live in, what our country is going through and how our country is handling it.  It can be widely agreed upon that the United States was attacked on September 11, 2001.  Our president decided to respond to the attack by going after the terrorist who planned and executed it.  That led us to find that those terrorist and/or religious extremist were being harbored by the tyrannical government led by the Taliban in Afghanistan.  We were also able to track religious extremist to other parts of that region to include Iraq, where some believed (or were led to believe) that they had, or were attempting to acquire weapons of mass destruction.  Because of which, we had to take down that regime and help establish a government of democracy where people could be free to live without fear.

That’s where we were.  We are now a country at war still fighting to aid in the righteous cause.  There’s your side of the country that are for it, and your side of the country that is against it.  It is a general consensus that the conservative side are siding with the head of their party and supportive in continuing the operation in Iraq and Afghanistan.  While the liberal side say things like it’s an unjust war, we shouldn’t be involved, it’s going way too far, we were misled, etc.  But while the liberals will say any of those reasons on why they’re against it, you’ll hear them almost say at the same time that they support our troops.  Well, that position to take may be a backwards way of thinking.

“I’m against the war, but I support our troops.”  Can that logically be right?  Logically, how could you really be against our troops?  Doesn’t that sound un-American?  To me it would be logical that if you’re going to support the troops then in a way, you kind of have to support what they do.  If any thing it’s giving the people who sent the troops overseas a soft “ok”. 

But if you’re having further trouble understanding, it’s like saying, “that Peyton Manning is the best quarterback ever.  He and Reggie Wayne are unstoppable.  And once you throw in Joseph Addai, how could they lose?  But, too bad I can’t stand football.  Don’t like it at all, never want to watch it.”  Now, does that make sense?  How can you be a big Colts fan, but do not like to watch them play.  So I ask again, how can you be supportive of the troops, but do not like the war they are in?  If you’re going to support the troops, support the war.  If you’re not going to support the war you can’t support the troops.

Not for nothin’, but at best it’s a confusing position to take.  I’m sure most the people who are going overseas to put their lives on the line to fight in combat are good guys.  They have to be great guys to do that.  But can someone put put blind support behind them?  Is there any sympathy there?  They knew what they were getting into.  They knew that they weren’t going to invade Brazil anytime soon.  They knew they wanted to fight for their country, especially those who signed up after 9/11.  You shouldn’t extend a hand to someone for doing something that you don’t think was right.  Might as well give your dog a treat for chewing on your slippers too.

This Veterans Day we’re looking at new leadership coming.  Someone who was opposed to at least one of these conflicts that our nation is involved in.  Perhaps he’ll lead us to a place where we do not have to be put in this position of support of an unjust war, but wanting to support the troops, any longer.

8 thoughts on “Am I Wrong Not to Support The Troops?

  1. In America, we enjoy the freedom of giving half our income to the government through various forms of taxes. We have the freedom to participate in a Ponzi scheme known as Social Security. We have the freedom to vote for the president. Unlike the voters of Iraq under Saddam Hussein, who only had one choice for president, we have two choices! We have the freedom to choose between Republican-led big government programs and Democrat-led big government programs. We have the freedom to use government-controlled money, which loses value every year. We have the freedom to subsidize the poltically-connected agricultural, automotive, and banking industries. We have the freedom of sending children through the compusory government-run education system, and then pay for job training for those that get through 12 years of schooling and still don’t know how to do anything. We have the freedom to own guns, provided that said gun is approved by the government and we pass the government-mandated background check. If we get the appropriate permits and stand in then proper free-speech zone, we have the freedom to protest.

    Thanks to all the veterans that defended these freedoms and kept them from being taken away!

  2. Thanks for the comments. I never said I didn’t want to support. I was taking the position of a devil’s advocate if you will. But in case I wasn’t, I’m sorry you feel that way, I’m sorry you feel you have to insult someone with a difference of opinion than yours. Please, I invite you back to respond, read the post again, and then reply with an intellegent comment. I would love to hear the debate.


  3. Ok. I see you have an opinion. Thats ok. But not to support the guys that go overseas and risk their life,and sacrifice everything they have for this country. That absurd. We dont choose to go overseas. Its what our country calls on us to do. We dont like being there, not being able to see our families or not getting do things that we enjoy to do but we know its our job to protect this country. Some people over there miss there kids being born and never get to say goodbye to people that pass away before they return, and some never return at all. We dont go over for fun. We go because people like you wont. You will just sit back and bitch about things that you have no idea about. You may not agree with the war, and thats fine but you need to support the troops that are brave enough and strong enough to go over there. You support them to do there job, and return home saftley. Dont blame the troops for the war. Honor them for doing what their country ask of them.

  4. fuck you u desirve to die you pice of shit all the men and woman who are away from their families and all the men and woman who died for our freedoms and to protect us and you dont support us i hope you die

  5. You are a complete idiot. And if you posted this just to get attention, it worked, it makes you absolutely ignorant and if I knew where you lived I would make national television for the things I would do to you.

    Just the simple fact that you are alive and in America should be enough for you to at least appreciate what the troops have given up for you.

    I read your bio and I’m truly sorry to hear about your brother. I respect him, not you. What I don’t understand is why, even after your brother gave his life for your right to post a blog disrespecting everything your brother ever lived for, you still decided to still post this blog. You might as well defecate on his grave.

    You are miss-led, and need a reality check. Go to another country and learn about the world instead of sulking about your brother and posting bullshit blogs from your mothers basement, from information that has been so warped by the media that the news reporters don’t event know what the fuck is going on.

    What you should really be mad at is the government. NOT the 17-30 year-olds who are sacrificing there lifes. Its the government that controls the military NOT the ones who are dieing everyday. They have no control over where they go or what they do. Their job is to follow orders whether they like it or not.

    The simple fact that your brother served and died for our country makes him a bigger man then you will ever be. You can be on your death bed at 99 years old and you brother will still be a bigger man and better person.

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