The Ban On Gay Marriages

Dispute on same-sex marriages
Dispute on same-sex marriages

Our nation finds itself on two opposing sides yet once again.  This time around we’re not choosing between our political opponents running for office, but yet some of us find ourselves still casting a vote either way for it to be decided.  The fight that is in dispute now is for people who want or do not want same-sex marriages in our society.  There’s been much attention and focus put upon the state of California and their recent vote to ban same-sex marriages, but they weren’t the only state to have done so.  On the other side Connecticut has passed legislation allowing same-sex couples to legally marry.  So even though some states have had their say on Election Day, the battle is far from over.

Same-sex marriages are not recognized under the eyes of the federal government, but with the addition of Connecticut, there are now two states that recognize same-sex marriages.  Back in May, California made it legal for same-sex couples to become legally married, but that legislation was put down when voters voted for a ban on their Proposition 8, which amended their state constitution to restrict marriage to a man and a woman.  Arizona and Florida also placed constitutional bans on same-sex marriages on ballots on Election Day and it passed in both states.  There are a few other states that recognize civil unions, which gives couples the same rights and privileges as marriages, but it isn’t called marriage, nor is it recognized federally.

The debate has polarized many recently, particularly those in the states where the ban was voted in.  There’s a strong following either way you view the situation.  The tranditional stance on marriages between a man and a woman is the more conservative view.  Some see it as a religious right that it’s kept that way, while others use a host of reasons like its not beneficial to children, it’ll open the door for polygamy, or that its just unhealthy and unnatural.  On the other side, you’ll find a lot of poltical support primarily on the liberal side in support of same-sex marriages.  Many others liken it to the historical fights of women suffrage and civil rights movement.  The same arguments have been made when blacks would marry whites years ago.  Over time and through progressive legislation such things were made legal and are now accepted in mainstream society.

Not for nothin’, but most of the people who voted for a ban really do not have a vested interest in marriage of same-sex couples.  They’re not homosexual, and they likely do not know anyone who is.  Much of the opposition though has come through churches.  A lot of people are listening to their church when it comes to this issue.  The unfortunate irony of all this is that faith is a powerful thing.  Its that faith that could convince thousands to put on person in office over another.  Its that same faith that could have voters vote for a ban.  And Its that same faith that can also help make same-sex marriages recognized in not only the eyes of the law, but under the eyes of God as well. 


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