“We Have The Perfect Storm,” Or Do We?

Wildfire destruction
Wildfire destruction

Massive wildfires has been blazing across southern California for the past four days.  Those who were lucky enough to have their home saved, still do not have much room to feel comfort as the fire still rages.  Luckily slower winds on Sunday have allowed a new air assault on the fires, but that only provide mild comfort for nearly 50,000 people who have been evacuated.  One fortunate part is that there have been no reports of any loss of life.  But one unfortunate thing is that it’s beginning to look more and more like one of these fires were man-made.  So strong winds may not be the cause of all the fires that caused the “perfect storm,” as Governor Schwarzenegger described. 

In addition to the tens of thousands that were evacuated, over 800 homes have been completely destoryed.  More than 10,000 acres have been burned and there’s no doubt that California is in a state of emergency. 

Firefighters fight fire
Firefighters fight fire

Among the most severe fires, the Sayre Fire started on Friday in the Sylmar section of Los Angeles.  That fire is being called the worst loss of homes due to a fire, as over 600 homes were destroyed including 500 mobile homes.  Another significant fire of the area was the Triangle Complex Fire.  That started the day after the previous fire and caused the destruction of at least 70 structures and forced more than 14,000 people to evacuate.  But the fire that started off the madness on Thursday was in the cities of Montecito and Santa Barbara.  The Montecito Tea fire, as it has been called, spread rapidly as several homes of Hollywood notables were in danger.  While celebrity homes of Oprah Winfrey, Rob Lowe, and Steven Spielberg were spared, Christopher Lloyd’s home was not.  It’s this fire that the state’s fire agency said was “human caused.”  Investigators have eliminated accidental causes as possible sources, so arson is all that’s left. 

Not for nothin’, but I’m betting for the unfortunate ones who have to live through this believe that its not only hotter than hell, but it looks like hell too.  Not only that but they are going through hell as their lives are being destroyed.  Hundreds are having everything they own taken away from them.  It becomes too much to bare when you find out that it could have been prevented.


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