Pregnant Man Expecting Again

Pregnant Man Thomas Beatie expecting again
"Pregnant Man" Thomas Beatie expecting again

In what was one of the oddest stories of the year, an Oregon man Thomas Beatie, became pregnant and delivered a child back in June.  Naturally it was no ordinary thing for a man to have a child, in fact it was probably the first time it has ever happened.  As long as we have known, the process of child bearing has been that of the role of the female gender.  We were all taught the reproductive process when we were little.  Man and woman have sex, woman gets pregnant, and nine months later woman gives birth.  New methods of the reproductive process are changing the way it’s all done, for example nowadays a woman does not have to have sex in order to become pregnant, but the case of Mr. Beatie is really putting a twist on the tradition.

As the story goes, Thomas Beatie was born Tracy Lagondino, a female.  In the late 1990s Beatie underwent a sex change and legally became a man.  While to the eyes of the public and in law, he was now a man, but one part of the female he was born stayed with him, his reproductive organs.  So after Beatie was married, and his wife Nancy previously had a hysterectomy, he went through an artificial insemination late last year.  The result, he became the world famous “pregnant man,” and instantly went to the top of the list of tabloids, talk shows, paparazzi and all types of mass media.  Not to mention the millions around the world who had something to say about it, whether positive or negative.

Beatie never went back on his male hormone testosterone after the birth of his daughter, so two months ago, Beatie’s wife inseminated him again and now the frenzy of the “pregnant man” starts all over again with him expecting his second child.  In an interview with ABC’s Barbara Walters, he said, “I feel good.  I’ve had my checkups.  And everything’s right on track.”  His second child is due June 12.

Not for nothin’, but this calls in to question what we were taught as kids.  Just as millions are tyring to make allowances for men to marry men, are we going to start to make allowances to men wanting to have children?  Should this be accepted in the mainstream up until the point where its not a big deal and whether the man or the woman has the child is an option?  But can Thomas Beatie really be a man if he’s still having children?  So many questions!  Well here’s another…was adoption out of the question?


12 thoughts on “Pregnant Man Expecting Again

  1. This is just disgusting! I told my children (who were very confused) that this was a woman and not a man. Point blank! It’s as the old saying goes, “if you don’t believe the truth, you will believe the lie”

  2. this is a woman who is not a man she ,wait, (IT) has a womb which means it is a woman not a man it was born a woman
    it loves women which makes her gay why couldnt she just accept being a woman and being gay not have an incomplete sex change then say i am a man then have kids this human needs to make up its mind on what sex it wants to be make it complete then live life that way not trying to fool people and mother nature
    in my oppinion this is just a way to confuse people and the public and get atention

  3. For sure, this is NOT a man. She is a Woman, is and always will be. She needs to stop having kids.This is so crazy. To each his own, but putting the kids into this situation. Just crazy.

  4. Thank you all. I don’t know why they are giving this WOMAN any attention in the media at all this is clearly a women and i don’t know why the keep trying to force this upon us that this a man I don’t care how many sex changes you have or hormones you take this is a woman if you have the ability to have children it makes you a women no matter what sick science they try to come with and force upon us.
    Thank you to all who refuse to accept this and continue to impress upon your children to stand up and say what is right ” For those who stand for nothing will fall for anything”

  5. What next…I am confused….. Thought it takes MALE sperm and Female egg to create a baby…. This she/he it. has female reproductive organs, OK… Penis, attaches… so he can go through the sex motions with Nancy ( woman/wife) No mention was made of the Male Testicles which (I have been told) store the male sperm) SO no matter what they did or how they did it, without the MALE sperm, neither one of these two humans are the Father of eeither of these tweo innocent children..HE SHE IT is not the first child bearer in this weird way. Just this one made it public and as far I can see Making money out out of this disgusting action.. Who is thinking of these children ?????

  6. What kind of BS are they trying to pull on us?! This is nothing but some bizarre attempt to capitalize on the gullible American public’s fascination with the wacky & weird, not to mention, make ALOT of money! Of course, his mind might be male, but the body (and reproductive organs) are still clearly FEMALE!! If you believe for a minute that this is anything but some kind of perverse joke than you’re also dangerously deluded! As the great showman, P.T. Barnum once said, “There’s a sucker born every minute”!

  7. Biological Father is the sperm donor
    Biological mom is Tom Beatie
    Nursing is Nancy
    What is so hard to understand
    They can make believe or pretend whatever
    they want, but the facts are the facts.
    Tom Beatie has mind of a man
    body of a women
    Nancy is bisexual
    Both Nancy and Tom have mental disorders or confusion.

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